I Walked On the Sea of Galilee

The entire trip in Israel was an extreme spiritual high. It wasn’t even a faith-based trip, I was there on a diplomacy trip, but I felt ridiculous amounts of supernatural power everywhere. From the prayer wall to putting my hand in the hole from Jesus’s cross, to rubbing my hands on the tomb’s stone slab […]

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Four Ways to Stop Conflict Cold

It’s happened again. You and your man are sitting on opposite ends of the couch. Or, perhaps, worse — opposite ends of the house. Or even worse — you’ve decided to take an actual, “I’m going for a walk” break. The silence between you is crushing — soul-crushing. Relationship-crushing. Life-crushing.

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Three Misconceptions of Israel and the Middle East Conflict

I can’t even believe the vortex of powerful, consuming emotions that have overtaken me in my two days in Israel so far. There are so many things to tell you about, it’s hard to know how to channel it in one post. But if I were to impress upon you anything, it would be that this is undeniably the Holy Land. God is here and my faith and trust in Him has deepened.

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Expect A Gentleman Podcast

Maybe you weren’t born into a great family, but it’s important you know your identity. The beginnings of a being a princess start with knowing your true identity. When you strip the money, clothes, and awards away, who are you? You need to believe in yourself.

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Three Phases to Falling in Love with You

The first day, this practice felt very foreign to me. I was very emotional and even felt a little ashamed. I questioned myself, ‘How stupid must I be if I cannot even say I love you to myself?’ In that moment, I knew I needed to make a change… not only how I saw myself but also how I treated myself. I realized that if I spoke to others the way I spoke to myself I would have no friends!

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