God Gave Me a Vision For You

If you are thinking, “umm, what is she talking about…a God encounter?” I want you all to know that God still speaks to us today just like he did to the people you read about in the bible, it didn’t all of a sudden stop when the bible was published. We can have as much of Him and hear as clearly as we set our channels on His channel.

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Control Freak Lets Go & Wins Project Runway

One of my best friends told me once, “You’re kind of a control freak.” Embarrassingly enough, I have to admit there is some truth in that statement. I am a type A, oldest child and my natural tendency is to try to direct my life so it will go my way, on my timetable, and involve only the people who I want in it. My whole life, I have felt God chipping away at my stubborn, “I want it my way” nature, and the more He has broken me of it, the more cooperative I have become, but boy has it been a humbling process. I have realized more and more how that feeling of control is merely a false sense of security, rooted in my own selfish desires and ambitions.

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Relationships 101: How To Naturally Be a 10

believe that doing things to define your identity is completely out of order and leads to a culture that breeds competition and comparison where no where is ever fully happy or whole. There is so much animosity among women because everyone is striving to prove their worthiness and is afraid someone will steal it away from them. But whole women empower other women.

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Relationships 101: The First Key to Attracting Love

Now, first and foremost, you must understand than you can not healthily become someone’s “other half” until you yourself are whole. Many people think that a boyfriend or husband will complete them, making them feel worthy and beautiful. But the fact is, that puts a lot of unrealistic weight on a person’s shoulders, sets you up for disappointment and paves a path for unhealthy co-dependency.

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