How To Stop Toxic Thinking

How many thoughts do you think the average person has a day? If, I said 30,000 would you be surprised? The greater question is how are you using those 30,000 thoughts each day. Mind and brain research has discovered that 84-92% of the thoughts you think today where the same thoughts you thought yesterday. Not […]

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Why I Gave Up The Scale, Should You?

Every day I would wake up, put on the lightest clothes I had, and go step on the scale in my mother’s bathroom. That one moment dictated my mood for the entire day. Up a pound?Frustrated. Down a pound? Ecstatic. Up two pounds? In tears chucking every item out of my closet because I would never fit in it again. I’m a bit of a drama queen if you didn’t pick up on that.

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God Gave Me a Vision For You

If you are thinking, “umm, what is she talking about…a God encounter?” I want you all to know that God still speaks to us today just like he did to the people you read about in the bible, it didn’t all of a sudden stop when the bible was published. We can have as much of Him and hear as clearly as we set our channels on His channel.

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