How To Release the Pressure and Have Your Best Life

Fixing your hurt with material things, showing your love through “expensive” gifts, or spending quality time with them by taking them to an expensive restaurant only masks the problem. It’s not only the little things in relationships, but it’s also the little things in life that we miss. We are often so focused on achieving that next goal or going after that big dream; we miss the little things during our journey that makes everything meaningful.

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Podcast: Do You Pick The Jerk or the Good Guy?

In this episode, we talk about what girls really look for in guys. We reference some of the studies discussed in Good Guys Never Win…Or Do They? Guys, you might be surprised by some of my responses. There are universal qualities girls look for that can be attained by both the jerk and the good guy, but the good guy always comes out on top.

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Why Healthy Eating Isn’t About Vanity

Extreme obsession over every bite of food now also has a name, orthorexia, and a classification for those with exercise addiction / excessive exercise has also recently emerged. This is really sad! We are supposed to strive to be HEALTHY in order to take care of God’s temples (our body), but it is easy and tempting to overdo it.

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3 Ways to Align Your Marriage with Prayer

raying for each other can change how you interact with each other throughout the day and week. Because my husband and I have made our daily prayers together a priority, we usually find our tones are more gentle towards each other, we both feel supported, and we ultimately know that God is in control. Whatever we might be going through as a couple or as individuals, we know that our marriage is being cared for by the God of our lives.

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The Family Affair That Redefined My Reality

There I was, home from college, working at Costco and for the first time living in an environment where I attracted attention from males. Word had gotten around that I was a virgin and sadly, this made me intriguing and a target. There was a pool created wagering on the loss of my virginity and going to work was increasingly difficult. Eight-hour shifts pushing carts, followed by long workouts at the gym were my way of holding life together.

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How a False Belief Will Destroy You

What I did not know at the time or could have even understood at that age was that my mom had caught my dad in an affair with one of her best friends. Children, if left to process without guidance, do not have the capacity to manage chaos. If no one tells them otherwise, they will conclude it is their fault.

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The Diet Hangover: How To Break the Diet Cyle

Do you steer clear of certain foods like the plague? Do you feel a Catholic priest on a date with a Victorias Secret model IF you were to sit down in front of a new pint of ice cream- at every given moment one move away from being ravenously out of control and one step away from violating one of your carefully cultivated ‘DietHead University’ principles?

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