How a False Belief Will Destroy You

What I did not know at the time or could have even understood at that age was that my mom had caught my dad in an affair with one of her best friends. Children, if left to process without guidance, do not have the capacity to manage chaos. If no one tells them otherwise, they will conclude it is their fault.

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The Diet Hangover: How To Break the Diet Cyle

Do you steer clear of certain foods like the plague? Do you feel a Catholic priest on a date with a Victorias Secret model IF you were to sit down in front of a new pint of ice cream- at every given moment one move away from being ravenously out of control and one step away from violating one of your carefully cultivated ‘DietHead University’ principles?

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Defining Your Role with Your Husband

Being a wife is a full time job, did you have a chance to read the job description before you signed on the dotted line? Maybe you should have clarified “cooking dinner every night in lingerie and high heels” or “wash his sweaty gym clothes” what about “clean pooped in toilets weekly”. This job isn’t very glamorous.

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How To Access The Power of Living in the Present

Have you every thought about the 3 time zones of the mind? There is the past, the present, and the future. Our minds can only retain one thought at a time so we determine which mind-zone we want to be in. If you are like most of my clients you are either stuck in how to process your past, OR dreaming how to improve your future. The problem with that is you are missing the most important time of your life. TODAY!

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5 Ways to Break Out of Your Funk

Recently I fell into a 3 week funk. I am a woman who knows God’s Word, I know His truths, promises and what He says about me. I understand spiritual warfare so usually, I can recognize the beginning signs of feeling sad or depressed early on and nip them in the bud. But this time, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I felt like I couldn’t crawl out.

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I’m Calling You Out, Photoshop

Don’t get me wrong, the illusion is a pretty convincing one, and I’m certainty guilty of feeding into it. If only I could have her hair or those toned legs, we often think as we see these glamour shots. Wow, I’d love to have that small waist, we yearn. We view the “ideal” attributes of these women and are (almost) always disappointed by our ownthat never seem to measure up.

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I Lost Myself & God Found Me

Last year I read the “She Is More” blog constantly. It was so cool hearing all the different stories of what woman had been through and it was somewhat inspiring. I was never a religious person and when it came to the faith based blogs, I would most likely just skim through them or scroll past them.

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