How To Start Journaling

I decided to do a 30 Days of Journaling Challenge. Now on day 11, I had no idea how much I longed to write out all my desires. I also had no idea how much God wanted to talk to me. Every day, I am intentional about meeting with Him. I grab a cozy blanket, a bottle of water, a pretty pen, my journal and bible for our time together which can be for 10 mins or it can be hours. He’s never late and always available.

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How To Easily Take Time For You

How many times have you crawled to the end of the week with hardly any strength left? Or snapped at everyone and wondered why you’re so on-edge? Or realized that it had been forever since you’d had a good, long laugh with a friend? Too often we neglect ourselves because “I just need to get this done.” We make everything on our To Do lists a priority, while forgetting that we ourselves are a priority too.

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