How To Easily Take Time For You

How many times have you crawled to the end of the week with hardly any strength left? Or snapped at everyone and wondered why you’re so on-edge? Or realized that it had been forever since you’d had a good, long laugh with a friend? Too often we neglect ourselves because “I just need to get this done.” We make everything on our To Do lists a priority, while forgetting that we ourselves are a priority too.

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I Walked On the Sea of Galilee

The entire trip in Israel was an extreme spiritual high. It wasn’t even a faith-based trip, I was there on a diplomacy trip, but I felt ridiculous amounts of supernatural power everywhere. From the prayer wall to putting my hand in the hole from Jesus’s cross, to rubbing my hands on the tomb’s stone slab […]

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Can I Be Who I WantTo Be?

They didn’t live their live to please others. They took chances, worked hard, remained positive, and they made NO apology for who they were. The society was eventually drawn to them for being who they were and following what their hearts desire.

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