4 Easy Ways to Beat Seasonal Depression

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Beat Seasonal Depression, sheismore.com

Beat Seasonal Depression, sheismore.com

Days are slowly getting shorter, temperatures are steadily dropping, and humidity levels are reaching comfortable lows. Fall is upon us and we need to savor every second of this beautiful weather! The other day my dad said he was starting to feel depressed because it was getting dark so early. Many people feel this same thing my dad feels when every glimpse of summer is fleeting. But there is a way to beat the blues! Get outside and exercise.

I am absolutely inspired by fall and have been spending as much time as possible outside to embrace the crisp air and sunshine. Almost all of my workouts have been outside! Vitamin D and fresh air is 10 times better than a gym to me. With those endorphins flowing and milder sun rays on your skin, you will be able to keep that summertime glow for a few more months. Here are four simple things you can do to enjoy this season while also staying on your fitness regimen:

Take your core work outside! I take my pilates mat, free weights, and exercise ball outdoors three times a week and its always the most
refreshing workout.

Go for a run! Not a runner? Try walking and jogging intervals. You can even take a friend along too. The amazing thing is you can go almost anytime of the day since temperatures aren’t dangerously high for exercise anymore. If you live in a hilly area, this is especially great advice for you. As the season really starts to progress, you’ll see that this kind of workout becomes addicting!

Bike it out. Bike rides are awesome! Find a good trail and you’ll be golden this fall. I used to love bike rides while I was in college because our fitness facility had bikes for students to borrow and there was a nice path around campus with lots of hills.

Try something new. Although this isn’t the season of “new beginnings” it is the season of change! So change it up, try a different sport. One idea is tennis. Every city has public courts so even if you are not a member of a club you can still play! All you need is a racket, tennis balls, and a friend. Can’t find anyone to play with you? Find a wall to hit up against, many parks even have a wall just for that very purpose! Tennis is a wonderful workout because it engages your whole body, down to your very core.

Some safety tips: If you’re going for a bike ride or run/walk alone, TELL SOMEONE. Always wear some form of identification and try to take your cellphone, if possible.

By Julia Dalton

Julia Dalton, Health and Fitness Contributor.

Julia Dalton, Health and Fitness Contributor.


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