A Milestone Birthday Valentine for our Mama!

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It’s no wonder our mama bear was born on the sweetest, most sparkly day of the year. I always felt so warm and special on Valentine’s Day. I loved the thoughtfulness of creating pink and red cards for my classmates and the simplicity of looking through a pile of sweethearts to find my favorite message. There is something magical in the air, at least as a child on Valentine’s Day. Some of my favorite memories are of my mama making my siblings and I matching red dresses with tiny white hearts on them. Well my brother had an overalls version. One year, we wore white turtlenecks with red hearts. My mama had a matching theme for us every year! Not sure how she had time for that as a mother of four and working full time.

Today is my mama’s 60th birthday and me and my siblings won’t be able to be with her! Since we live in the digital age, we naturally decided to make her a Valentine’s Day card online.

Mama bear, we all wish we could be with you on your birthday! Here are 60 reasons we love you! 15 from each of us 🙂

From Kristen:

You are really smart! You come up with creative ideas so fast. When I am stuck on ideas for women’s group, you come up with something on a whim and it’s always on point.

I love that I can process something that’s weighing on me with you and you help me sift through it so I feel clarity.

I’m so thankful that I can trust your advice, it is sound and Godly rather than petty or bitter. Even if you have every reason to be bitter about something, you never speak from that place.

You have boundless energy. I truly have no clue how you get SO MUCH DONE. If I had your work schedule, I’d come home and lay for the next three days. I wish I had more of where that comes from!

I love that you seem to know everything about everything. It’s kind of weird. How do you know so many things?? I only know a lot about a few things.

You really care about people and have a deep desire to do go out of your way to show them they are remembered through a covered dish or a card. You try instilling that in us too. Not sure that’s completely come through yet.

Doing the right thing is very important to you, whether it is still relevant or valued in society. In proper etiquette, from the way and timing thank you notes are written to the way you dress for an occasion. we can be assured you will let us know the right thing to do!

You were a girl boss before being a girl boss was a thing! I feel like you’ve been ahead of your time in the sense that you’ve always been a strong woman while still serving her husband and family.

Thank you for modeling to me the importance of financial independence and savviness. You are so good at managing money and finances, while not being too extreme on either side of the pendulum.

You are a wonderful story teller! You can make a situation I’d completely overlook sound enticing, engaging and interesting! I love memories of you coming home from trips and all the stories you’d tell over a batch of pancakes!

One of the qualities that stands out the most to me is how incredibly thoughtful you are. I feel like you have a 6th sense for what others will like or enjoy. Your gifts always speak to the soul!

I love how you taught me about Jesus and tried protect me from things that hurt you growing up by growing my faith and confidence from a young age. I am so thankful to have a praying mama.

You are like Mary Poppins. You always have everything we need in your purse. From scissors to eye drops to a needle and thread. How do you do that?

You are so lovely. I am just really proud of who you are as a woman. I’ve always been proud you are my mama. You can do it all, but most importantly you are sensitive and have a heart of gold.

Thank you for paving the way for me to become Miss USA before I was even born!

I love that we had such magical bed times growing up. With bath time, story time on the porch sweet and prayers kneeling by the bed. I hope to cultivate those same memories in my children.

From Kenzie:

I love that you’re prayerful in my everyday and future life.

I love how thoughtful you are. You think of things that others need that they would never think of.

I love your sense of humor and talent. I definitely get get my wit and fascination with film from you.

I love that you are incredibly able at multi-tasking. You’re super woman because of all the things you accomplish while other things are going on.

I love that you love nature and met God there. I met Him there too.

I love that you disciplined me when I didn’t like it but needed it.

I love your servants heart. Feeding and spending time with the homeless with you has become my new favorite holiday tradition.

I love how you’re constantly considering others feelings and wanting to comfort them. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you are there with someone who is in need in the Spirit.

I love that your birthday is on Valentines Day. You were my first Valentine. Even if you were off on a trip I’d wake up to a V-day poem written in red ink on pink paper accompanied with heart shaped chocolate. God picked the perfect day for you to be born on. It was so intentional and He defined you with love so perfectly.

I love the little moments between you and Daddy. I hope to have those with my husband. Moments of dancing with each other while cleaning up after a meal, walking hand in hand on the beach, cracking open a beer you found in the ocean and drinking it together while watching the sunset. The moments may be small but they speak a lot.

I love how much you’ve overcome and how you’ve handled it with so much grace. You are such a princess in how you handle bullies, hate, gossip and rejection. Thank you for doing that for us, the example you set has been a staple.

I love the effort you put in your pursuit of God. You’ve never held back or have been inconsistent. Your discipline to have a relationship with the Lord encourages me to be better in mine.

I love how you cultivate harmony within our family. You always had us playing together. You created space and time for us to become best friends. From family dinners every night to special vacation adventures. You made sure that we wouldn’t just be brothers and sisters but have friendships as well.

I love your sense of adventure and that you haven’t lost it. You’re not just constantly exploring the world itself but you’re also constantly exploring the worlds of your children as well. You know the importance of understanding us and we see that.

I love your wisdom. You’re like a fairy God Mother with your endless amount of advice. You’ve been the best guide that I could’ve been placed with on this Earth. You’ve never steered me in the wrong direction and to my wonder you are always right.

From Julia:

You’re the best travel partner: always prepared, savvy, and stocked with goodies!

You taught me how to cook: I got made fun of as a child for always being in the kitchen but I learned so much from you and it’s paid off! My future husband thanks you

You are wildly generous: whether it’s sharing a buddy pass, devoting your time to others, or funding one of my expensive hobbies, you never stop giving

Seriously the expensive hobbies thing: tennis, violin, dance, swim team, sailing camp, pageants…I don’t know how you did it
You will (and have) drive miles for me: oh if the white van could tell stories…

You let me stay on your cell phone plan (for now): I go over my data on the reg and you stopped reprimanding me and just accepted it

You always make home so welcoming: you let me live at home rent free until age 26 (let’s be honest you didn’t want me to leave either)

You are the best grandmama: you love and care for my baby Roxy so good, she’s a lucky pup! I love when you send me pics!

You tell me you’re proud of me: when I’m exhausted, burnt out, and spread too thin, you remind me of all my strengths and accomplishments

You remember the important things: whether it’s an ex-boyfriends birthday (LOL) or one of my friends’ anniversaries, every year you have it on the calendar

You are a woman faith : Sunday is the day of rest, wear your “Sunday best” to church, Jesus died for my sins, and God created me…facts you taught me before age 5

You value family: I’m close to my siblings because you’ve taught me compassion and love no matter how you are treated

You’re the family photographer: I have stacks of albums to look back on my entire childhood because you were always taking pictures and videos of me, even though the favor was rarely returned

You drink wine with me: when I come home there’s always my favorite bottle in stock and we sit by the fire and gossip…it’s my favorite

You’re an incredible wife: I know I’ll care for my husband the way you look after daddy so I thank you for that example.

From Drew:

You are loving.

You are so supportive of me.

I love how caring you are.

Your kindness to me and other people who don’t deserve it always stands out to me. You are beyond generous.

Thank you for always encouraging me and never giving up on me.

You are fun and silly and we can laugh together.

You are determined and persistent to make something happen and don’t take no for an answer.

You always come to the rescue when I need it and give helpful advice.

Thank you for being understanding of the things I go through and nat making me feel judged.

You are gentle and sympathetic.

You are the most selfless person on the planet, like Jesus in every way even though you are so hard on yourself.

Happy birthday mama bear! We love you so much!!! You are truly leaving a legacy.

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