Who She Is and Why

The Call: “She Is More” is spreading a message that empowers young women to discover their invaluable self worth and to realize their biggest dreams.

The Purpose: Every woman you meet may seem one way at first. But as you peel the layers by taking the time to talk with her, you realize she is much more than meets the eye. One by one, she is discovered to be more than enough. She has been uniquely gifted in order to carry out a purpose. Her value is rare and precious. The problem is, there is an epidemic of women who do not believe in themselves. Due to the exposure of various negative forces, young women are selling out and settling every day. They have bought into the lie that they are not worthy of a joyous, peaceful and bold life.

The Quest: By raising up young women through the power of messages and stories, the  the meaning of the verse, “she is more precious than rubies” will be revealed. Your boldness will be empowered so that you may unveil all the beauty you were made to be and a flame may ignite inside you. A flame that can’t help but shine in dark places. “She is More” is a woman who transforms the world around her for good.

Kristen Dalton                                                                                                                   Editor and former Miss USA