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How To Easily Take Time For You

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How many times have you crawled to the end of the week with hardly any strength left? Or snapped at everyone and wondered why you’re so on-edge? Or realized that it had been forever since you’d had a good, long laugh with a friend? Too often we neglect ourselves because “I just need to get this done.” We make everything on our To Do lists a priority, while forgetting that we ourselves are a priority too.

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Four Ways to Stop Conflict Cold

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It’s happened again. You and your man are sitting on opposite ends of the couch. Or, perhaps, worse — opposite ends of the house. Or even worse — you’ve decided to take an actual, “I’m going for a walk” break. The silence between you is crushing — soul-crushing. Relationship-crushing. Life-crushing.

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3 Ways To Have An Amazing Marriage After Babies

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No one ever tells you. It’s all balloons and storks, beautiful showers, and adorable little clothes. Swooning over baby head smell and little toes. Setting up the nursery and filling an overnight bag for the hospital with items you never would have thought of on your own. (Tennis balls to soothe back pain, anyone?) This one little baby is a life changer.

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3 Ways to Align Your Marriage with Prayer

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raying for each other can change how you interact with each other throughout the day and week. Because my husband and I have made our daily prayers together a priority, we usually find our tones are more gentle towards each other, we both feel supported, and we ultimately know that God is in control. Whatever we might be going through as a couple or as individuals, we know that our marriage is being cared for by the God of our lives.

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3 Words That Saved Our Marriage

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​Eleven years of marriage and we knew every button to push, all the words that hurt, and ways to set each other off (insert my perfected eye-roll). Conflict was a never-ending fountain of angst, loud fights, and being on opposite sides of the line. I guess it’s typical for a lot of couples; he felt that I wasn’t being sensitive, I felt that he wasn’t listening or understanding.

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How Can You Show Appreciation To Your Husband This Week?

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Our men long to know they are appreciated for their work and I can think of nothing better than for my husband to walk through that door and find himself in the magical setting of a peaceful,undisturbed and inviting home. It’s a small way of showing my appreciation. How can you show appreciation to your husband this week?