10 Power Phrases To Beat Your Anxiety

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Dreams and visions are so exciting!! We take the leap of faith, take some ground and yet suddenly may experience jarring pangs of faith paralysis. It could be a let down, a thoughtless comment, a strange interaction or a rejection that contributes to anxiety ridden internal chatter.

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Have you been experiencing anxiety on the road to your dream? Or in dating? Can I tell you something? Situations that trigger anxiety aren’t going to go away in life. But the good news is, you have the power to conquer anxiety. It doesn’t have to have power over you. You do it with your mind and mouth. I’m not talking about simply thinking positively. I tried that for a few years and it just didn’t work. It felt forced and I didn’t really believe it.

I’m talking about getting a battle plan together rooted in the living and active Word of God that is actual TRUTH. Not forced positive affirmations that don’t resonate with you. His Word never returns void. Angels hearken to His word, so let’s get some angels on our side to help us out!

Today, I’m going to help you get a battle plan started to kick anxiety to the curb. It doesn’t belong in you, it’s not your inheritance. Plus you really don’t have time to be inhibited by anxiety on the road to your dream. So let’s stop living in it and claim the supernatural peace God has for you so you can move forward in clarity!

When we personal coach together, I help you create a personalized plan based on what we hear God saying over your situation. But in the meantime, you can use this plan to take a proactive stance to keep your peace.

Here are 10 declarations to speak over anxiety:

  1. The peace of God guards my mind, even when it doesn’t make sense.

  2. I release control because His supernatural peace overrides the unknown outcome.

  3. Thank you God for working this situation out together FOR my good! I don’t need to understand the process because your thoughts are higher than mine.

  4.  I am thankful for this life God is unfolding for me. I cast my anxiety onto Him because He cares for me.

  5. Thank you God for knowing me better than I know myself. Thank you for showing me what I truly need when I come to you in prayer.

  6. I am not alone. God goes before me. His angels are my front and rear guard. He strengthens me when I continue pressing on in my dream. He sustains me to keep going!

  7. When I pray to the Lord, He answers me and frees me from fears. I am more than a conqueror in Christ!

  8. God has given me a spirit of boldness, power and of sound mind, not of timidity or fear.

  9. I fix my eyes on God’s power instead of my problems because I trust Him.  When I focus on Him, I stay  in peace.

  10. God has amazing plans for me! Plans to prosper me, to give me hope and a future! I can’t wait to see how he will use this trail to propel me forward.



  1. Kristen, thank you for this amazing article! Fear and anxiety literally stole about 10 years of my life. Positive affirmations didn’t work for me, support and kind words from my family and friends didn’t work either. I was so hopeless and thought it would never end.
    But one day I came across your website. Your articles helped me to realize that I’m God’s daughter and that He is always there for me. Little by little I got my inner peace back. Today I am happy, full of beautiful dreams and hopes. I don’t let anxiety rule my life anymore.

    Keep up the good job! With ❤️, your reader from Ukraine)

  2. Everything you post is in alignment with everything that the Lord has been placing in my heart to speak about! Thank you!

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