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When You Don’t Know What God Is Doing

In Inspiration by Kristen Dalton Wolfe5 Comments

One cool thing about having a baby is you get to talk through things with him or her. And you won’t experience interruptions (aside from coos). I’m leading my women’s group tonight and working on preparing a message. I decided to process my thoughts with Aurora. She did a great job listening and totally inspired me. I’ve been in what …

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A Letter To My Seven Week Old Daughter

In Inspiration by Kristen Dalton Wolfe4 Comments

Wow, I can’t believe you’re only seven weeks. It feels like you are your own little personality already. I feel like we’ve already gone through several stages and phases together. People say this season flies and I’m sure it will feel that way in hindsight, but right now it feels like we’ve been doing this life together a long, long time. …

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Understanding God In My Unexpected Labor and Delivery: Part 2

In Inspiration, Maternity, Pregnancy Vlog by Kristen Dalton Wolfe5 Comments

This is a continuation of  Understanding My Unexpected Labor and Delivery: Part 1. I’m a faith person and I take the Bible at its word, especially when it comes to asking and believing. I clung to these verses when I prepared for my labor and delivery through prayer: Ask and it shall be given. Matthew 7:7 Ask anything in my name …

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How A Honeymoon Can Last Four Years

In Inspiration, Wife Life by Kristen Dalton Wolfe4 Comments

I believe life unfolds according to our belief systems. Before I met Kris, I dreamed of what my future marriage would be like. I had hopes of having a loving, adoring marriage. But, as I grew older I saw that happy marriages were harder and harder to find. Many marriages seemed to either be ending in divorce or were unhappily together …

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Four Ways To Stay Content In The Wait

In Devotions, Inspiration by Kristen Dalton Wolfe2 Comments

On Sunday, my pastor said, “True power is being content in the midst of our circumstances, not being in control of your circumstances.” This phrase hit home and gave new meaning to the scripture we know in Philippians 4:12. Paul says, “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have …

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How I Enjoyed My Changing Body While Pregnant

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One of the fears women have about having children is that pregnancy will ruin their body. We fear weight gain, being overcome by cravings, and never having the same curves in the same places again. Of course, many mothers don’t help us when they speak about their own negative experiences, mourning the loss of their pre-baby bodies. We sit there wide-eyed and …

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What My Labor Pains Have To Do With You

In Inspiration, Maternity by Kristen Dalton Wolfe0 Comments

For the last three weeks, I’ve been having contractions through the night. I lost my mucus plug last week. My baby has been engaged and in birthing position for weeks. For three weeks, I’ve been hopeful she’ll come. Every morning, I wake up and hustle to get things ready for her…to come that day. Kris and I have been scrambling …