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A Miss USA Stands With Miss America

In Inspiration, She Speaks by Kristen Dalton Wolfe1 Comment

A letter from Cara Mund to previous Miss Americas leaked recently and spelled out mistreatment from the Miss America Organization, even bullying. My heart broke for her, but I also felt nervous for the response she’d receive internally. No one has ever publicly unmasked manipulation and feelings of being silenced while they were a titleholder…in any pageant system. How many …

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How A Woman’s Porn Habit Can Affect Her Life

In Inspiration, She Speaks by Amanda Greer6 Comments

What age do you think most people start watching porn? Do you believe it is a male dominated hobby? What would you say if I told you that I’m a young, American woman who started watching porn at 11 years old? My first risqué rendezvous’ was accidental. I stumbled on an unfamiliar sight while “channel surfing” one lazy afternoon. In …

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Confessions of A Queen: What It Was Like When I Got To Miss USA

In Inspiration, She Speaks by Julia Dalton11 Comments

Ever since I can remember, I watched the Miss USA competition on live network television. I watched the women mesmerized by their confidence, intelligence, and beauty. They had no idea that they were changing a little girl’s life. That they changed my life. At around age seven, I established my dream of becoming Miss USA. I wanted to inspire young women …