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  1. Hi Editor ,

    I am Vineetha , a lifestyle expert. I write on lifestyle, health, yoga and fitness for highly engaging websites like lifehacker, mindbodygreen and many others.My writings are a combination of research and my own life experiences.

    I came across sheismore and found it to be very interesting and useful. I would love to contribute some content for the website which would drive audience to both our sites (Non sponsored.I would like to do this so as to interact with bloggers all around the world).

    Also, I have some trending title suggestions for new posts that I could compile for you. Otherwise, you could suggest something based on what you feel would be more appropriate or engaging for your audience.

    1. Lifestyle Changes That Lead To Happy And Healthy Life

    2. Skincare Tips For Spring/Summer

    I have published over 100 articles which seem to have been driving good traffic . You can find some of my work below:


    I’m very excited to work with you and I’m looking forward to hear from you.

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