A Daddy’s Letter and Seeing Baby in 4D

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One of my friends recently asked me, “How is your pregnancy going? I feel like pregnant women look so happy on social media, so I was curious if there were any hard parts.” I have been through all the ups and downs of pregnancy, but ultimately perspective is key to having an enjoyable pregnancy. Although, I have been sick, uncomfortable, had a hard time sleeping at times, incredibly emotional and irritable, I would still wrap up pregnancy with one word: magical. The joy and wonder of the life growing within you is so euphoric that it trumps all the negative stuff and makes you almost forget it.

This week was such a relief from the last two. Sickness and intense emotions have subsided for the most part. I also had so much more energy because I’m off my unisom tablets, so I found myself waking up earlier and getting more done in the morning. It’s so nice to start feeling more like myself again. I also worked out every day and ate pretty clean, except for Superbowl Sunday :/

There were three hilights this week. First, Kris surprised me by writing a letter to our daughter in my womb. On Wednesday morning, he said, “Do you want to read the letter I wrote out daughter?” Apparently he had been working on it over a week and of course I was excited to see what was in his heart. People say that men usually want to have boys and are slightly disappointed to have a girl, but Kris has really stepped up to the plate and expressed so much love and delicacy over her already. I began reading his letter and started crying by line two. He ended up posting it on his blog later that day and you can check it out here.

Secondly, we got to see our baby in 4D this week! I had been waiting for a month, literally counting down the days for this appointment because we’d be able to see her face in such clarity. When we arrived, the tech said none of the babies were cooperating all day so everything was taking forever. I said, “Oh, our baby is cooperative. She’ll be a dream.” And that she was. There was one moment she had her hands over her face, but the tech needed her to take them down to get a clear shot. I asked baby to take them down, and she did by the next shot. It is so surreal to have that connection with my baby where she is already hearing my voice and listening to me in the womb.

Her face is absolutely beautiful! I think she looks like both Kris and I, but she definitely has my nose. I was happy to discover she is already one pound, which is five ounces more than most babies at her stage, but at least I know she is growing and getting all the nutrients she needs. Everything came out and measured perfectly.

The last thing I was excited about was that I got to host an evening of blessing for three of my expecting friends, who are all due within weeks of each other. Look out for my post in the next few days on how to host one!

In the meantime, you can watch my pregnancy vlog here.

Kris took me on a little adventure this weekend. We played on the playground, found a gorgeous hiking spot and some little gems in a neighborhood tucked away. He snapped some shots in my favorite outfits to commemorate pregnancy week 22.  All my tops, the overalls and jewelry are Free People.

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Thank you for joining me on this journey. I pray that this is a blessed week for, completely covered with the peace and favor of God. I pray you are hidden in the shadow of His wings in Jesus name.  You are more than enough, more than worthy of love and the life God has planned for you. Together, let’s agree with His promises and take this week by storm!

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