Declarations of a Queen: Confidence In Your Next Pageant

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Your success in a pageant has more to do with your mindset than anything else. The right mindset predetermines your success in almost everything.

I dreamed as young girl of one day winning Miss USA. I competed in several pageants before that and also performed in dance and musical theatre my whole life. I wasn’t afraid of the stage. As a matter of fact, that was my favorite place to be! But when it came to interview and on-stage question, I got so nervous. I think the reason is because suddenly, I wasn’t “performing” anymore. I needed to actually be myself, know myself and speak to represent myself.

It wasn’t until I started learning how to think and speak AS IF I were already a queen that I started winning. It became my secret weapon. Behind closed doors, with my family, in the dressing room, walking through my school hallway between classes, in the wings, in my thoughts, I spoke like a queen. It changed the game.

You need to start saying declarations over your life. You are your most powerful advocate…or adversary. Your mouth determines your course. Take a moment to reflect. What kind of things have you been saying about yourself? Do you say things like,

  • I’m nervous!
  • I think she’s more prepared than me.
  • Pageants are political.
  • I can’t afford a winning wardrobe.
  • I’ll never be that size.

Just so you know, whatever you think and say is true. You literally become what you think. This should first scare you and then excite you. You can decide to change what you think and speak about yourself in your next competition right now.

I’m giving you a leg up and a little glimpse into the kinds of words and phrases I declared over myself. To get more personal, you and I can coach together to prepare for your next pageant.

To start, here is a powerful battle plan for confidence in your next pageant. 10 declarations to speak over yourself:

  1. I look like a ten, I think like a ten, I speak like a ten. I am a ten.
  2. I already am __(fill in the blank with your desired title)____. This is fun event where I am making an appearance.
  3. Before interview: I am so excited about this conversation! I make people feel at ease and comfortable. Our conversation will make it easy for the judges to pick me as the winner!
  4.  God knows that I have been made QUEEN for such a time as this.
  5. I have been given spirit of boldness and clear mind!
  6. I shine among them like STARS in the universe!
  7. I am a chosen, royal woman who sets trends and does the unexpected thing that causes people to see Jesus.
  8. The powerful spirit of God lives in me.
  9. I have the confidence of Christ. Since I am inducted into Christ. My last name is Christian. Christian means anointed and chosen.
  10. I set myself apart and he is gracious and makes his face shine upon me.

You got this, queen! Speaking the word of God over your life in a customized way for what YOU need is the most powerful thing you can do.

If you’d like to create a plan just for you and take your preparation to the next level, we can work together in one-on-one Train To Reign coaching!

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know if this helps you!


  1. A lovely article Kristen, the positive message you portray in this is really lovely. Well done and keep up the good work.

  2. Great post! Just wanted to reach out to you to warn you to be careful with the back flips you’re letting Aurora do. My sister’s baby hurt his neck and dislocated his shoulder doing that. they’re so young and don’t have enough support to their necks yet. He was 9 months when it happened. 🙁

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