His First Father’s Day: Surprise Tribute

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I wrote Kris a letter the day we went to the hospital to have baby Aurora. I told him about all the reasons I thought he would be a wonderful father and the reasons I needed him to be. I just knew he would be the best daddy, especially to a daughter because he is very gentle and adoring. But I’ve seen so much color and richness come out in him this last year, he deserves a blog post.
This year has been much tougher than I anticipated. Actually it’s been one of the hardest years of my adult life for many reasons and definitely the hardest one in our marriage. Until this year, things were easy, breezy for the most part. I couldn’t understand why people had marital problems. “Just be kind and respectful. How hard can it be?” I thought. And then trial after trial began to hit us after baby was born. We were both running on empty and needed to be filled. But neither of us had anything to give the other, aside from judgment and unmet expectations.
My mean and critical side flared up. Sometimes I questioned whether I was still saved!  In the stress and lack of sleep, I’ve noticed how often I tended to see what’s missing rather than what was good.
Thankfully, we are on top of the pressure right now and made it through the strife. So I woke up early today to reflect on all of the things Kris does that I can easily take for granted. After all, it’s our five year anniversary and Father’s Day in the same weekend.

Here are 15 highlights of Kris’s first year as a daddy:

1. When baby cries in middle of the night, he goes to get her. Thank you for that.
2. When we need groceries and I’m too tired, he takes my list and gets them. HUGE thank you.
3. He absolutely LOVES Aurora. He is definitely the fun one and makes sure she has fun toys to play with. Several weekends he has said, “Do you want to go to Toys R Us?” I’m like, “for what?” He says, “Oh, just to see if there’s anything you want.” Mmm hmm. What he really means is he wants to go buy her some toys. I really do need to start using this as leverage for him to take ME shopping.
4. He’s so enthusiastic about her learning. He takes every moment as a teaching moment. I mean EVERY moment. Even if we are running late somewhere, he insists that she push the button to learn the numbers in the elevator.
5. It really is the most endearing thing that Kris is the one who found her pink castle tent. He was so excited when it came in the mail and immediately put it up. It’s a good thing he has this zest and energy to find ways for fun and play with Aurora because I often feel too tired and depleted to even think about it. Thank goodness for her daddy.
6. Kris is 100% Aurora’s prince and boyfriend and rescuer. They are in a love affair and even though it makes me sad she prefers him over me sometimes…I am thankful she has a strong daddy. I know it will serve her well in life and as she grows. He infuses qualities into her that I don’t.
7. He plays her music scales in the morning because we both know she’s going to sing. She tries here and there.
8. He stops on our walks to let her observe every plane that flies overhead because she is fascinated by them.
9. He’s gone through two job changes since Aurora was born. He manages his stress and work responsibilities so I don’t see, hear or feel extra pressure. He has done what is best for our family, even when it means sacrificing his own interests.
10. Kris takes Aurora everywhere and isn’t phased if she is distracting or loud, even in church (sorry if you’ve ever sat near us). He stays calm when mama and baby are having meltdowns. I don’t know how he does it.
11. He takes Aurora to watch him make coffee every morning and they both bring it to me in bed.
12. As busy as he is, Kris has taken the time to set up mentorship sessions when we’ve needed extra counsel.
13. Kris is the life of the party and our family. He always has an idea of a new adventure. From finding Japanese stroll gardens, museums, hikes or going to the airport to watch planes take off, I can rest assured that Aurora will always have special memories because of him. He also has spent hours upon hours making photo books and compiling videos for her first year of life.
14. Our five year anniversary crept up on us this year. But Kris made it special. He lined up childcare three nights in a row and planned a trip down memory lane. We visited all our first date spots where the magic happened. That seriously meant the world to me. A man with a plan, a good sentimental plan. Can’t get much hotter than that.
15. I’m starting to tear up now as I write this. Kris is solid. He is a Godly man, a family man, a ministry man, a career man and a friend man. He holds it together really well without much of a break other than his workout every day. Well that and social media at times 🙂
Kris, thank you for rising to this occasion in life. Thank you for rising up in the midst of trial rather than letting it defeat you, get you down or cause you to check out. Thank you for being true to your word in our wedding vows when you said you would lead, provide, encourage, strengthen and protect. You do all those things. I’m sorry for not being super lovable and soft this year and for crumbling under the pressure. See? This is why I needed a man who was older and wiser than me 🙂 Someone’s gotta hold it together so the other can fall apart! Thank you for doing that. Just writing and reflecting on this makes me want to have another baby with you haha.
Happy first Father’s Day and anniversary, amazing man. You are doing SUCH an incredible job in all the facets and hats you wear, especially as husband and daddy. I love you so so so much.


  1. What a beautiful tribute–you definitely have a talent in writing such heartfelt words!

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