God Revealed A Vision For Women At The Prayer Wall

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Vision at the Prayer WallI can’t begin to explain the intense overflow of euphoria running through my body and in the air at the Prayer Wall in Jerusalem. Jesus had been there, he had touched those same stones I was touching. People are there in the masses from all different walks of life praying, crying and praising God.

There are chairs to sit down and write your prayers before you approach the wall. As I sat there, I closed my eyes and held out my hands to meditate and listen. I was in one of the most Holy of Holy places on the planet. The air was thick with the magic of God’s presence and warm river of His love. I had to soak every drop of heaven in while I could and mostly I wanted an encounter, a vision, an experience with God. I wanted Him to show me how he sees me in the spirit and what He has for me in the future. There was no better place to have an instant connection with Him.



With my eyes closed, mind surrendered and heart open, God arrived in a vision. First, I was in His throne room in a white dress and he was crowning me. He said, “You are pure, you are so beautiful, I am well-pleased with you.” All 3 things I struggle with believing because my skin has been a mess with hormonal acne lately. I also sometimes don’t feel pure in heart and mind when I forget to keep my thoughts on all things excellent and true. But He said, despite that, “You are pure and beautiful because that is how He made me.” Anytime I choose to live out of that place, I can because that is my new nature in Christ.

There were some other prophetic visions He gave for my future. I went to the prayer wall to place my letter of prayers into the wall and to pray. Jerusalem, by the way is the city where Jesus died.

When I laid my hands on the stones, I got a vision of Jesus on the cross in agony. But in his bloody, writhing pain he had a picture flash across his mind of my face. When he saw me, he smiled and relaxed with the confidence that his death sentence was worth it.

He showed me that he came in to the world as God’s only Son to accept the most torturous, undeserving death so I could be God’s daughter. He came to trade places with me. He came to give me access to the divine kingdom whenever I want. He came to set an invisible crown upon my head so that I could have a powerful relationship with God and also so I could live a Kingdom life.

I started sobbing just to see how willingly and gracefully Jesus took the humiliation, torture, abuse and mockery…just for me, because He believed I was worth it before he ever met me. And that I’m not just a number or blank face blending in with the rest of the world. He saw me, he saw my face and the essence of who God made me to be. I saw a series of other faces flash in front of Jesus as well, some I knew, some I didn’t.

But most importantly, He came because each one of you reading this wherever you are, in whatever circumstances, in whatever guilt or shame were foreseen and deemed worthy by the King of the World.>After I peeled myself off the wall, I went to lunch with the rest of the group. The server gave me a coke can and halfway through the meal, I realized the coke can had a symbol of a crown on it. My body was already feeling weightless, like it was floating. Now, a stream of electricity and surrender ran through my veins. Talk about sweet confirmation that we are royalty.


I shared my vision and experience with Jason, the trip organizer, sitting with us who happens to be Jewish. And as if I needed anything else, God gave me a third reason to be amazed. Jason told me that the theme of the Jewish New Year is, “God is King.” Wow. This is the feeling I want every girl and even guy to have, to know that we are His chosen sons and daughters. That He is the King of the World and that makes us royalty. That makes us His princess. It means we are empowered to carry out an important mission and purpose. It means we get to live out of a place of dignity and confidence.

To top it all off, a publicist approached me at the lunch table and said Christian Broadcast Network wanted to interview me about my experience and my new devotional, Rise Up Princess. What a dream come true. I just got to touch the stones Jesus touched, submit my prayers in His miraculous care, get a vivid download from God, a coke can with a crown on it and realize that the theme of the Jewish New Year is “God is King.”


More than ever, God wanted me to know that He individually chose each of one us as His daughter. He wanted us to know that because of that, we wear an everlasting crown in the spirit. We are favored, we have a royal purpose and we have all the kingdom resources to carry it out. He confirmed how desperately He wants His daughters to know their true identity.

I want each one of you to experience the supernatural power and presence of what I felt. I want you to know that you are here to fulfill an important destiny that has already been written. You can only see your dreams come true if you take action.

You are invited on a comprehensive 60 day journey to discover your royal identity as His Princess.


  1. This is so cool.. thank you so very much for sharing your journey in Eretz Ysroel . The fact that you were there near the High Holidays makes it ever so much more meaningful to me as a Messianic Believer. LShanna Tova to you and Kris

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