I Lost Myself in Love & Had a Child

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I loved him with every fiber of my being I loved him. I loved him and there no question about it. This is my story.

Once upon a time I fell in love with a guy who I thought was different than any guy I had ever met. He was sweet, funny, and awesome to hang out with.

Yet, 6 months in things began to change. He wasn’t the guy I fell in love with anymore. The guy I loved was still in there, but buried. I saw him from time to time, but he was never the same. He was different. He lied, double standards was his favorite thing, manipulative, couldn’t take responsibility, and an all around jerk.

Yet, I stayed with him for over 2 years. We had a son and I felt like I had to stay with him, even though I knew and felt like a I deserved better. Even after things changed, I convinced myself he was the same I guy I was in love with. Even though it was obvious that he wasn’t. I just felt like I could not let go or say good-bye even though I desperately wanted to.

In the end it didn’t last. I broke up with him and we both moved on. We have to get along for our sons sake but other than that words between is rare. I’ve wanted to rewind the clock a thousand times and try to figure out when everything went sour, but the truth is it I happened over time. It started out as a tiny crack and just grew with every lie, hurt, and fight.

In the beginning I would have told anyone they were wrong if they said we weren’t meant to be. However, now I know, that sometimes a outsiders opinion isn’t always wrong. In fact sometimes they see what we refuse to see.

If you are in a relationship take it from me, communication truly is the key. If you’re not, I hope one day you find that special someone who treats you better than anyone else. Bless you all.

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