Kenzie Speaks: Standing Through The Pain

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With a blow to my life this past year I discovered my strength. And boy has God given me strength. So I’m grateful for the events that have occurred this year and for the people who threw daggers because they have shone light and birthed this monster of immense commanding vigor.

Yes, a few of their daggers dinged up my shield and a couple even penetrated my flesh and wounded me. But look where I am. I’m standing. I didn’t crash and burn. I rose after the fall and realized that those daggers were thrown by unworthy people. I realized that those daggers that came whirling at me, that seemed to be made of iron were actually ashes. Feelings of others thrown into my fire burning blue of strength. They burned because I have no use for them. They are not my feelings, my thoughts, my desires. I took their ashes, wrapped them in a cloth and handed them back to my enemy. I thanked them, told them I was grateful for the experience. And walked away into this new life.

So I’m excited and very eager to start this new year. Being single has made me fall madly in love with this city I live in. There are so many angels, so many stories, so much life. There will be a lot of change. And change shows us that there is something better then what was there before. New business endeavors, new jobs, new friendships and new tomorrow’s.
Raise your hands, or glass, to the sky and thank the sun for rising on a new year and the moon setting on an old.

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  1. Baby, you keep kickin butt. You have a big ole cheerleader back here in Wilmington so don’t you stop going. If you have one iota of doubt, call me.

    Love ya


  2. I share your blow and am so proud of your strength in God that carries us to healing our hurtful past and makes Godless people angry when they should feel shameful. I admire your positive attitude and positive outlook for that is also how God wants us to respond to hurtful relationships, words or any setback that has caused any type of pain. You have a true gentle, compassionate heart that God knows and will protect even when you try to help others who don’t, Move on and move up to a better, brighter life you deserve, like and angel you are,

    1. Sugar, I’m proud of you and the grace you are showing. God has big plans for you! Trust & Believe. You are loved!

  3. That night I met you I saw in you strength, poise, determination, which is why I offered to help you.I am sorry you are going through all this but I can honestly say that I believe that 1/1/14 will mark the beginning of the best year of your life…speak to you soon

  4. Kenzie already knows I stand by her and support her, but I feel like my words cannot adequately express how proud I am of her strength and courage. All I can say is – I heard you, Kenzie, and I believe you. By giving your strength a voice, now other people can hear you too. People can throw whatever they want, but you have an amazing support system in your family, friends and most importantly your faith. Like “Alan Dad” said, God knows your heart even if others fail to see how precious it is; I said the very same thing to my own sister 6 months ago and I’ll say it to you too. Good things are coming your way. xo

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