My Father’s Day Reflection On The Father of Divine Romance

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Two years ago, Father’s Day was also my wedding day, so it made this day even more special. When I was on my honeymoon, I reflected on my daddy and his influence on my life. Sweet memories started flooding in from my childhood. My daddy was always so lively and fun, and would secretly let us get away with things my mother wouldn’t. My mother was a flight attendant and would fly 3 days a week. So the days she was gone, I really looked forward to breakfast with daddy. He would make us waffles slathered in too much butter and syrup, or cream cheese toaster strudels and make icing smiley faces on top. Daddy would let my sisters and I dress him up in hats and necklaces so he could come to tea parties with our dolls. He taught me how to ride a bike, taught me how to body surf the ocean waves and let me dance on his feet. And he would always let us put our own outfits together for school with lopsided, mismatched bows…an indicator to my teachers that my mama was out of town. My daddy was my prince and I knew when he spun me around in my dress up dresses.

Daughters learn a lot from their fathers. The way they view their Heavenly Father is based on how their earthly fathers treat them. If a father is absent, even emotionally it can lend their daughters to feel that God is absent too, that he doesn’t care about their feelings and only shows up on game day. Daddies are the first men in our lives that model what romance and love looks like with our mothers. He shows what our worth as girls are in this world. We design our standards on how to be treated by boys based on the way our daddies treat us and our mothers.

My dad was my first Prince Charming and I first saw through him that I was worthy and valuable. But, as I grew older I learned that parents aren’t perfect and they don’t know everything like I had always thought. However, I was raised knowing the love of God the Father. I always felt an indescribable peace from Him and a mysterious knowledge that he was protecting me and had wonderful plans for me.

When I was in the 7th grade, making the vow to God to save my purity for marriage, to never try drugs, smoke or drink alcohol until I was at least of legal age was out of a love I had for Him because of the love He had for me. It was a vow that rooted deeply in my heart and never wavered. I somehow knew at this early age of 13, that obeying God would lead to the life he had planned for me. A life certainly better than I could make up on my own.

When you truly believe that God has plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future; saying no to temporary satisfactions and yes to a life of divine promises will not only become easy, but joyful and abundant. Obedience allows our Father to take us from ordinary to extraordinary.

God was faithful in his promises. He is a gracious, sovereign God. He saw the heartaches and turmoil I endured in order to hold out for His best. Then He wrote me a love story I thought only existed in fairytales, movies and love songs. No, actually it is far better than that. It is one neither Hollywood nor I could have dreamed up, because it was written by the ultimate Creator and author of romance.

Don’t feel like you are out of luck if you have made mistakes or experienced`the wounds of an unhealthy home. God is a healer of hearts and redeemer of broken souls. My testimony is just to show you that God doesn’t give us guidelines to make our lives miserable and restricted.

I always thought my dad was ruining my life by not letting me go to parties or allowing boys in my room. Like my earthly father, God wants to protect us so that we can have freedom. Freedom from the pain with which flattering temptations will mark us.

Contrary to anyone says, epic love can exist when you partner with the Maker of all things good, pure and lovely. God is a lover of romance and he designed marriage to be a representation of His extravagant love for us.

“For through the living and eternal word of God you have been born again as the children of a parent who is immortal, not mortal.” 1 Peter 1:23 It doesn’t matter who your earthly father is. He could be perfectly amazing or the worst scoundrel in the state. But your heavenly Father will never fail you. He cares about the little things, your heartaches and quest for lifelong love. No matter what pain has caused you, God has not forsaken you.

As a gentleman, he is waiting for you to step into your glass slipper. As His royal princess, His kingdom awaits you.


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    Thankyou so much Kristen for being an example and the salt of the earth..

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