Power Prayer: Pick Up The Pieces & Continue

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Thank You for today, no matter

what the weather will be.  You

have given me the gift of today.

You designed me fearfully and wonderfully

in Your own image, though

I am scarred by sins, both my own

and others’.  But You healed me and

made my body a temple, that

I may live for You today and

every day.  And I am complete

through You, free through You.

Yes, the bad can happen, and I

will stand strong in You,

my foundation of rock.  When the

winds whip at my back, I will

not be swayed, for my foundation

is truth and my armor is heavy.

Yes, the burden of carrying Your armor

through this world, a soldier for You,

is daunting, but You lighten all burdens.

When the rains pour, I will seek

shelter in You.  In sun, I will grow

Your fruits, a branch of Your vine.
At times, I do wonder why

You allow me to suffer so.

Why did You give my love over

to a reprobate mind, hungry for

his own desires and not Yours?

Why did You give life to his child

through a woman selfish and prideful and

not me?  I thought he was Your

gift to me, only me.  But now,

those promises he made are voided

by his responsibility to the child You made.

And he still loves me, but now he

is not himself, but a man with a child

with another woman.  And I cannot see

whether You would have me stay

or go.  You say You will give peace,

but I cannot have peace not knowing.

You say You will light my way, but

my heart is so heavy and my eyes

see only darkness.  I try

to trust You, knowing You can work

anything out to good for those

who follow You, though I cannot see

how this will ever end in good.
Oh God, I know You will

surprise me over time.

I cannot fathom Your greatness,

so You will heal me and use

this all for Your glory.  I burn

to watch Your plans unfold.

Please, if I only knew my part

in this, I would play it for you,

perfectly convincing, moving my audience

to tears.  But how can I act when I

cannot see the script?

Show me what to do, so that I may

pick up the pieces and continue

walking.  I know that patience

is a virtue, so today I wait no matter

what the weather will be.


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  1. I know you wrote this a year ago, but I just wanted to tell you.. this prayer made my day. Sometimes all we need is to know we are not alone, God is with us and wont leave us, even if we cry, get mad or blame Him. He is SO good and His love is just so amazing, that I cant imagine a life without Him anymore!

    God bless you and thank you for this beautiful prayer 🙂

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