Say Good Bye To Your Quarter Life Crisis

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You are in your twenties and living the life. Young, wild, and free…right? I mean this is what everyone tells you what your twenties will be like. But here is the kicker, they don’t always tell you that a lot of time these years can be some of your hardest. Why? Because for the first time in your life you are starting a life of your own, making your own decisions, and above all, trying to figure all this out while at the same time trying to stick to what you “want.”

It is normal to have a list of things you want. What you want out of college, a career, friends, or even a relationship. We set up guidelines that we think we have to stick to in order to be ultimately be happy in life. That’s how you survive your twenties and have the oh-so-perfect life, right? Again, wrong. This checklist to happiness and success we have in our head leads to what I like to call, “the quarter life crisis.”

We have all heard our parents or older friends talk about having a midlife crisis…a time in your life when the pressures and stresses of life finally hit the fan resulting in spontaneous actions meant to make you and only you happy. But what happens when you feel like this when you are young, living what seems to be the prime of your youth?? We understand the concept of having a midlife crisis; “sure, go ahead and take a spontaneous trip or buy a new car, you’re just going through a midlife crisis. Do what makes you happy.” But what no one tells you is that it is normal to have these feelings when you are younger.

I decided I was going through a quarter life crisis towards the end of my junior year of college. I was 21 and in the eyes of my friends and family, I had pretty much figured out my future. Awesome internship, dating an amazing guy, plans for grad school…you know, the stuff I was “supposed” to do. However, on the inside I was stressing to the max. What if I did not want to go to grad school? Will I ever get a real job? What if this guy was never going to marry me? How am I ever supposed to live on my own without the support of my parents? All these worries and many more flooded my thoughts on a daily basis. These worries took a toll on my happiness and started to consume my life by distracting me from living in the now, the present. Slowly I began to realize that the years of my youth and the happiness I was supposed to gain from these amazing times was quickly becoming overshadowed and overlooked by stress.

So how do you get through this quarter life crisis of “what am I doing with my life?” It is something so simple it will blow your mind. It’s not more internships, applying for more jobs, seeking to spice up your relationship…it is faith. Yep. That simple. Faith.

God tells us to have faith in him and trust in his plans for our life. When you are in your twenties and consumed in the life you are trying to build, you often lose sight of this. Stop worrying about the “what ifs” of your future. Your future will be exactly what it is supposed to be and all it can be because it’s yours. God stands beside you the whole way, helping and guiding you through life’s obstacles. He will never let you fail; he will only help you realize the path you were meant to take. Have faith in his companionship. Stop stressing about the future and live in the present; the future will get here soon enough and when it comes, your past will have prepared you. Take in the beauty of your youth and say goodbye to the quarter life crisis.

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