The Breakthrough My Baby Gave Me

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The other night at women’s group, we were closing our time together in prayer as we usually do. We ask to hear from God about one another and speak that encouragement or insight out.

How Pregnancy Positively Changed Me

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My friend Jennie prayed specifically for my daughter. She said, “I sense that she is a healer and when I asked God if she was, He said, “She has already been healing Kristen even in the womb.” She encouraged me to press into what that meant. At first, I had no clue how. It definitely wasn’t physical, so I began reflecting on any emotional pain I may have been healed from. Then it hit me. It wasn’t either. It was a breakthrough of the heart.

For the past few years, I’ve learned how to press in for breakthrough in freedom in certain areas. I will choose something I want to focus on like insecurity or boundaries. Getting the breakthrough usually requires a lot of reading, deep reflection, prayer and fasting. It can take months or a season to finally get it. For me, breakthrough isn’t just a revelation or realization of a “why behind the what.” In the Kingdom, breakthrough is when you get healed in an area, are promoted to a new level of glory in your new nature and therefore have a new knee jerk response to a same trigger.

As I reflected on Jennie’s word, I realized something had changed in me. I had actually noticed it a few times before. Things that usually hurt my feelings didn’t. Things that usually triggered inferiority or a feeling of threat had no affect on me at all.  Even certain people who tend to bother me or get under my skin didn’t.

I’d noticed these things, but hadn’t taken the time to stop and think about it. Now as I reflected, I got really excited. It was like months and seasons of pressing in for breakthrough was given to me freely and suddenly. I couldn’t pinpoint when it happened or how. It just did one day.

I thought, Maybe there is some spiritual parallel between becoming a mother and shedding parts of your old nature. But then again, I know a lot of mothers who still engage in petty, mean girl immaturity so that must not be completely it.

It was honestly like a free gift from God. I couldn’t wrap my head around it and wanted to figure out how it happened, mainly so I could learn from and replicate it! I thought, Why would God give me this beautiful freedom freely? Could my angel baby really have had something to do with breaking this chain? 

Then I remembered something else. My friend had sent me a prayer of encouragement about my 30th year back in December. One of the things she said was, “Breakthrough is going to hunt you down. You won’t have to press in for it, it’s just going to happen.” She backed this up with the Bible verse Psalm 23:6, “So why would I fear the future?
For I’m being pursued only by
Your goodness and unfailing love!”

She said His love and goodness was going to pursue me in new ways I was used to striving for. I didn’t understand this concept. Why would God want to give me something so valuable without having to work for it? How could I teach how to get breakthrough in an area if I couldn’t put my finger on how or when it happened?

I’m thinking it’s partly my sweet baby operating in the purity of her healing gift and mostly God’s graciousness. It’s as if He wanted to give me a bonus or gold star for all the pressing in I have done in other areas. But maybe it’s that He wanted to show me that He is a good Father that gives good gifts to His children, even when we don’t think to ask or pray for it. What a paradigm shift.

I just had to blog about this so I didn’t forget. So I didn’t forget the new life God brought me into as I ushered in the new life of my baby. So I could document how baby girl was already operating in her healing gift within my womb. And so I could remember God’s graciousness in giving me freedom in an area that was so restraining.

If you are pregnant, I want to pray an impartation of breakthrough over you. I pray you are transformed into a new level of the image of Christ. Pregnancy, labor and delivery carries the symbolism of Christ’s death and resurrection. As women, we die to ourselves in this journey. Selfishness and self-centeredness die slowly over the 10 months our baby grows within us. When baby is finally delivered, parts of our old self is gone and a mother is born.

I don’t want to pass on oversensitivity, inferiority, being easily offended, a critical and judgmental spirit or intimidation to my daughter. I’m thankful God has raised me to new life with the Christ-enabled ability to model security, confidence, graciousness, a fierce focus on Jesus and the ability to easily forgive.

I pray you are born into motherhood with a new nature that gives you freedom and a generational blessing for your baby.

What are some magical ways God has revealed Himself to you in pregnancy?


  1. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing. I have been following your blog for a while now. I look forward to all your blog posts. Your daughter is going to grow into a woman after God’s own heart.

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