The Guided Journal Cover Reveal & Letter From Kristen

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Dear Princess,

Welcome to the beginning of encountering God through journaling. I am so excited for you to experience God in new, wondrous and intimate ways. Journaling has been apart of my daily practice for a few years now and it has radically supercharged not only my relationship with God, but it has taken my life to higher levels of mystery and wonder.

It started when I was in the car with my friend, Heidi and she told me that the Lord spoke to her. She talked about her relationship with God in a way that seemed like He was tangible, like he was her best friend and they had daily, powerful conversations. He revealed answers to her and showed her His promises.

I felt a stirring within me. I was so curious, I wanted what she had with God too. I wanted to hear from God and to be so sure that it was Him speaking to me.

Heidi told me that journaling was such a powerful way that she connected deeply with God. I went out that week and got the prettiest journal I could find and stocked up on new glitter pens and got committed to seeking the Lord through writing.

I started writing letters to God every day, expressing my feelings, concerns, worries, insecurities, praises, questions and desires. Something magical began to happen. As I would write; answers and breakthroughs would start flowing through my mind and onto the page. The Bible says to come boldly to the Throne because we are his adopted daughters. The more I sought Him, the more I found Him.

Every day started to feel like a treasure hunt. The more I documented God- moments, the more He showed up in my life.

Now, I know how to connect with Heaven.  I go straight to my journal when I feel stressed, overwhelmed or sad. The Lord gives me visions, dreams and pictures that I know are from Him when I am journaling and even throughout the day when I pray because I have processed with Him in the morning.

The King of Kings wants to speak to you too. You are His adopted daughter and you have the mind of Christ. Since you live in His Kingdom, that means you have the ability to connect with Him and hear from Him. Proverbs 25:2 says: It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them.

I created the guided journal to help lead you into beautiful connection and reflection with God. He will meet you here.




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  1. Journaling is such a powerful reflection tool that helps you develop mentally and spiritually. Thanks for writing this post! It’s a reminder of why I need to be consistent in my journaling practices.

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