What Are You Waiting For? Take The First Step

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Take The First Step sheismore.com

Take The First Step

“Do your best and God will do the rest.” This is a phrase you may have heard before, but have you ever tried it?

I was asked to post an “Inspired Selfie” for Project Inspired today. The purpose was to share and reflect on what inspires me to live a life for Christ.

When I sat down to write my little blurb, I found my fingers clattering the keyboard without a break. I realized how much more empowered my life is with Christ on my side. Contrary to widespread belief, living for Christ is more than following the rules and trying to be sinless. As a matter of fact, Christ came to relieve us from striving to be perfect. He cares way more about the content of our hearts than our performance. However, our actions should reflect what we believe. And that is where the power of faith comes in. Joel Osteen says, “It’s one thing to pray for something, and one thing to believe something. But if we really want God’s attention, we need to take action.”

When you are living for Christ, you get to operate from a place of rest. That means that you can do what He has asked you to do with the peace and confidence that He’s got your back. You don’t have to worry and wear yourself out. You don’t even have to fear rejection or failing. Why else would it say “Do not fear” around 365 times in the bible? Psalm 55:22 says, “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” When we are abiding in His will, he will never let us fall.

So you know that thing you are supposed to be doing, but you keep putting it off because your logic tells you it doesn’t add up? God is far greater than our logic. Math doesn’t always add up in the Bible. Did you know that 2+5= 5000? Four books in the bible chronicle the same miracle called “Feeding the 5000.” Jesus was traveling and was surrounded by thousands of people who hadn’t eaten for days. He took 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fish and multiplied it to miraculously feed 5000. (Matthew 14:13-21). So believe that God will provide for you when you step out in faith, even when the math doesn’t add up.

In my case, I knew God had been asking me to write and speak, but I felt unqualified. I kept putting it off, until finally one day I took the jump and decided to write my first article called, Arise or Compromise? I was blown away by the response I received and knew God was showing me I was aligned with his call and he was blessing my faithfulness. Since then, I have been released onto this She is More journey and God is showing me new surprises every day.

Today, I challenge you to reflect on what inspires you to live a life for Christ. How is your life different with Him? Write it out. Has he ever let you down before? Now, choose to trust Him fully with that thing you have been putting off and take the first step.

INSPIRED DECLARATION: I’m inspired to live a life for Christ because I don’t have to strive for perfection. I know that when I step out boldly in faith, God will show up and do amazing things. I am thankful I never have to worry because God goes before me to prepare the way and always has my back. I am empowered by Christ because He fills me with a peace that transcends whatever circumstance I’m going through. I am inspired to live for Christ because he has a great plan for me and when I abide in Him, my destiny falls into place in exciting ways!


  1. God is so good! I cried after I read this because I know God will never let me down. I trust in Him with all my heart…I know He directs my paths. I have the strength and power to fulfill my purpose designed by Him.I needed to read this and I declare, believe and receive!

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