5 Things to Pack For Your Best Flight

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I grew up traveling a lot because my mother is a flight attendant. Now, I fly at least 3 times a month for work or adventure and there are a few must-haves that I always make sure are with me to make it as comfortable as possible. Here are 5 things to pack for your best flight:

1. Neck Pillow and a blanket:

Neck pillows are so important in order to travel comfortably or to have any chance of sleeping without getting a crick in your neck. My favorite pillow is the evolution pillow. You can adjust to fit it tightly and secure around your neck and it is billowy, supportive and soft unlike bean pillows. Also it’s perfect to loop around your bag strap so you don’t have to carry it. It often gets chilly on planes, so it’s nice to have a blanket to curl up in. I always bring one in the winter months. In the summer, I bring a cozy jacket.

2. A small carry-on:

I definitely prefer to carry on my luggage in order to avoid wait times at baggage claim, but it isn’t always possible if you are going on a long trip. Airlines have made it more difficult to bring your luggage on the plane and there have been times when they have taken my bag from me once I get to the gate claiming it is too big, even though I have always traveled with it before.  Then I have to stand there at the gate, while everyone is boarding, unloading all the items I need with me on the plane to try to shove it into my shoulder bag. It is very frustrating.

To avoid this hassle, I recommend bringing a small roller-board with all your necessities like your medications, snacks, a water bottle, a change of clothes, basic toiletries under 8 oz each and any electronics and chargers you need. That way you are totally covered for your entire flight and for an extra day if your checked bag doesn’t arrive on time.

3. Blackout Bands:

If you want to sleep on the plane, definitely be sure to bring an eye mask in case the person next to you wants to keep their overhead light on. I have a 40 blinks travel mask that I love because it doesn’t touch my eyes, so I can still maintain my eye makeup. But if you want a more fashion forward option that is equally dark, check out blackout bands. Actor, Kellan Lutz created them because he was traveling all the time and didn’t want to wear a sleeping eye mask, but still wanted sleep in the dark. They are basically sunglasses that totally shut out the light. They come in different styles and keep you looking cute and sleek while you’re sleeping.

4. Super enzymes and Perfect Food Green Supplements:

Traveling to new places means you aren’t going to be on your normal diet and eating regimen. You don’t want to waste time having indigestion or stomach issues. I have super enzyme caps by TwinLab that I take after every meal that helps break down the food aiding in smooth digestion. Also, it may be really difficult to get in whole, plant-based foods if you will be eating on the plane, out in restaurants a lot or grabbing snacks on the go. Take a bottle of Perfect Food Green Supplements with you. They are packed with all the live and active plant based nutrients like chlorella and spirulina that will keep your body and skin happy.

5. A big bottle of water:

Air pressure causes swelling and the way to avoid that is drinking lots of water before and during the flight. Flight attendants won’t give you a bottle of water, they will give you a tiny cup and refill it a few times. It’s not enough to remedy swelling or dehydration of your skin. Be sure to either bring a big bottle to fill up at a water fountain after you’ve passed security or to buy a bottle before you board. You may want to make sure you have an aisle seat as well 😉

I hope your next flight is a dream!


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