A Quick Fix to Your Anxiety

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Sometimes we as humans and people of the world – we like to do things in our own time and our own way. We turn our back on God, when He truly is the only constant that we will ever have in life. We get anxious about the way people may perceive us, we get jealous of people who may be “prettier” or “smarter” than we are, but in reality we just aren’t having any confidence in who God made us to be. We stray from the narrow path and decide to take our own path for awhile, until one day we learn that God’s plan is truly the best plan to follow.

Straying off the narrow path is a way that we turn our back on God, but something that amazes me so much is that God is still there and He always will be. He doesn’t turn his back on you because you turned your back on Him. He is waiting for you to draw near to Him again, to start that spark with Him again, to be a relationship with Him again. He calls out to you through conversations with people, through circumstances you never thought you would go through, through anything just so you can see that He is still there even when you may not want Him to be. It is always possible to turn back to God. It is always possible to call upon Him again, to create relationship with Him, and to be consumed by His unending love again.

During my devotion today about anxiety I read this quote: “Always pray with a thankful heart; everything that you have is a result of God’s supply. He is the ultimate source, not money, a job, career, relationship, a perfect clothing size, or anything else. Once that fact becomes a reality to you, then God’s peace will sustain you.”

One of the main reasons I love this quote is because it reminds me that the only thing that will ever sustain me is God’s peace. I don’t need to have a lot of money, the best career there is, to be a size 0, or anything like that. Turning back to God and relying on Him for peace is the focus in my life….and with that don’t ever forget how truly loved and beautiful you are.

If you’ve lost you’re relationship with God, don’t be afraid to turn back to Him. Ask Him to be in your heart and He will put you at peace.

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  1. Thank you for this. Being a young woman dealing with loss has definitely taken a toll on my confidence. This has been a reassuring reminder that there is a God of second chances (and even more!).

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