Are You Selling Out?

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Giving In Now, Giving Up Tomorrow

I was just reading a book today called Hosting the Presence by Bill Johnson. As I was reading, I was struck by this sentence, “Esau gave away his inheritance (long term) for the gratification of a meal (immediate) (see Genesis 25:29-34). It was an abandonment of a call, purpose and inheritance.

My mind flooded with images of all the shiny distractions and feel-good instant gratifications that flatter us and our society daily. I thought of drugs, excessive alcohol intake, too much TV and frivolous spending. They all can lead to addictions, depression, lack of creativity and brain cell loss. What really stuck out to me is the teenage girls giving away their purity away. I remember on our first date, Kris asked me, “Do you think that if people truly believed God had that amazing person planned for them, that more people would wait to have sex until marriage?”

Intrigued by the thought, it became clear to me that Kris is exactly right about a lack of trust in God. It is from our own woundings and betrayals by people that our trust has been disabled in our Father.

Have you ever been tempted to sell out? The thing is, no one can steal from you what you choose to give away freely. God has made us promises, he has designed us to partner with his will, set us apart in advance to do good works. And Jesus came that we might experience abundant joy until it overflows. Maybe bad things have happened to us. Well of course they have, it’s the world, they happen to everyone. But will we question God because of what is caused by man?

He never said it would be easy to walk with Him, but it will be powerful and worth it. He said that we are to be in this world, but not of it. This means our goal is not to fit in with the crowd or agree with peer pressure. We are to be lights on a mountain top. “The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” Proverbs 4:18. Of course, God is a redeeming God and He will always restore when we make inevitable mistakes. But why don’t we make it easier on ourselves and allow God to take us to higher levels, rather than continuing to make detours.

Decide to stand strong now. Decide now that you will be a light in your school or workplace by having self-respect and integrity, whether your peers acknowledge it now or not. They will one day. Decide you will save your purity as the ultimate gift to your husband. Boyfriends may not honor you for this, but your husband will one day. He knows true love waits. Decide you don’t have to do drugs “just to try them.” You are too stimulated creating your destiny and being amazed by the treats and wonders God showers over you.

We have an inheritance in God. “The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.” Psalm 16:6. But it is our decision to align with God’s call and to follow His voice. A quick fix isn’t worth the beauty of your divine destiny.


  1. So powerful! I do believe that God isn’t the one who does bad things to His children. However, like in Job, it is allowed and executed by the enemy. When you face such difficulties it is hard to gain perspective. While I haven’t blamed Him for the tragic difficulties that I have been faced with, there have been times when I’ve questioned who He is. Thankfully, He is a Redeeming God and while certain days will forever remain dark for me, His power can be seen in those days. Which holds true to His promise that He rules over everything.

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