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A Letter To My Future Husband

In Love by Lauren Sergesketter19 Comments

  Dear Future Husband, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for ignoring you for twenty-three and a half years of my life. I’m sorry for not considering your needs before my own. I’m sorry for not thinking of you as I made decisions throughout my life. I’m sorry I continue to pretend you’ll never come along. Although after you meet me, …

The Boyfriend List: Does He Meet The 12 Checkmarks?

In Love by Kristen Dalton Wolfe17 Comments

It’s so funny how we know our self worth and how he should be treated when we’re single. Then suddenly, we meet the guy that shows us some flattering attention and we’re knocked off our game. Some of those lovely ideals and standards you carried for your future boyfriend flies right out the window.

I Got The Guy & The Ring On Facebook…

In Love by Rachel Greene2 Comments

The ring was gorgeous! It was everything I had ever imagined. I was planning my wedding and getting married… Except I wasn’t. Jake (name changed) had sent a photo of the perfect ring via text message not long after “meeting” me on facebook.

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Learning to Love Again

In Love by Lauren Hossfeld5 Comments

My mother looked at me and simply asked, “why”? I was confused at first but she continued by asking why I had let someone treat me this way, why I had allowed myself to loose my confidence, why I thought I loved this boy, and why I had not asked for help.

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Why A Breakup Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

In Love by Rachel Greene3 Comments

Six months ago, I would not have agreed with the title of this article. My heart was broken. I had met the man of my dreams and he dumped me very harshly one unexpected night. For the next month, I couldn’t eat, sleep, and all I wanted to do was cry. I wondered why God had let this happen and …

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7 Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship

In Love by Julia Dalton11 Comments

One in three women will find themselves in an abusive relationship at some point in their life. To help lower that statistic, I want to share some of the warning signs and red flags that could indicate you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship.

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End Conflict: 6 Secrets to Work Your Woman Magic

In Love by Kristen Dalton Wolfe1 Comment

Have you ever noticed when conflict arises that you forget entirely what the initial argument was about because it has escalated into fighting about the way you are fighting? Conflict is inevitable in relationships because we are two entirely different human beings bringing differing personalities, likes, dislikes, pet peeves, quirks, preferences and habits into the daily life of cultivating romantic …

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The One Thing Love Should Be

In Love by Secret Contributor7 Comments

He was the greatest boy I ever met. Sandy blonde hair. Tall and tan with those perfect dimples where one was just slightly higher than the other. He was everything I thought I needed, so I was determined to make this relationship work. It had to.

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The Husband List: 12 Non-Negotiables

In Love by Kristen Dalton Wolfe222 Comments

Let’s be honest ladies, it can be easy to let something slide or dismiss a red flag when a cute guy tells us yummy, fluttery words we want to hear. But is it an ugly situation when we let our hearts get too wrapped up into someone who isn’t a keeper…

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3 Bulletproof Mindsets to Get Over the Guy Who Breaks Your Heart

In Love by Kristen Dalton Wolfe13 Comments

I have had a few emails come in asking how to deal with betrayal and sudden break-ups. My heart races when I hear stories of  men mistreating my fellow women, and even more so when a woman accepts or remains in the mistreatment. I am super passionate that us women know our self worth and recognize quickly when to stop …

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Boyfriend Alert! 6 Red Flags to Know Now

In Love by Kristen Dalton Wolfe9 Comments

Today, I was on set for a modeling job and got into conversation with a younger model. She was smart, fiery and beautiful and I took an instant protective instinct with her. As she started telling me about the guy in her life, I immediately heard fire alarms going off in my head. She asked me if she should stay …