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My Journey To The Other Side of Abuse

In She Speaks by Lindsey De Los Santos4 Comments

The other side is a beautiful place to be, and I want to tell all women in abusive relationships to hold on. Hold on to your God, your faith, and your hope. Let go of your fear, the abuser’s lies, and your doubts. You can do more than you think, and God will help you with the rest.

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Three Misconceptions of Israel and the Middle East Conflict

In Inspiration, She Speaks by Kristen Dalton Wolfe7 Comments

I can’t even believe the vortex of powerful, consuming emotions that have overtaken me in my two days in Israel so far. There are so many things to tell you about, it’s hard to know how to channel it in one post. But if I were to impress upon you anything, it would be that this is undeniably the Holy Land. God is here and my faith and trust in Him has deepened.

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The Miss USA Who Felt Ugly Because of Cystic Acne

In Inspiration, She Speaks, Skin and Beauty by Kristen Dalton Wolfe19 Comments

I was 12 years old when I had my first break out. I remember being in the 6th grade and learning how to apply concealer for the first time. I walked through the hallways wondering why I was the only girl with bumpy skin crusted over with foundation that I was too young to wear. I was thankful for it because at least it hid some of the redness.

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The Rise Up Princess Cover Reveal and a Letter from Kristen

In She Speaks by Kristen Dalton WolfeLeave a Comment

One day, someone spoke words to me that changed my life forever. I was doubting my purpose in life and my friend said to me, “Kristen, don’t you know that you are a daughter of the One True King?” I had never heard or even thought of that before. But yes, he was right. This was revelational, eye-opening, a complete paradigm shift to the way I had been seeing myself and living. This meant I was royalty. This meant I was His Princess. This meant I was born for royal purpose.

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How a Miss DC USA Dealt with the Cyber Bullies

In Inspiration, She Speaks by Mackenzie GreenLeave a Comment

I competed at the 2010 Miss USA/Universe Pageant, representing the District of Columbia. I didn’t grow up a painted baby, meaning, I did not grow up competing in Toddlers and Tiaras pageant system. From the age of six on I was a competitive equestrian and highly decorated Junior Olympian in swimming. My time outside of school was spent either in …

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The Depression Issue No One Is Talking About

In Inspiration, She Speaks by Lauren Sergesketter3 Comments

I’ve struggled the past few days to find the right words for this. I’ve been angry, hurt, and disappointed in my friends and acquaintances. While I have no doubt that the cyber world is tired of hearing about depression, especially after the past week, I am about to bring it up again. No, I won’t be discussing a celebrity. I …

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The Family Affair That Redefined My Reality

In Inspiration, She Speaks by Amy YoungLeave a Comment

There I was, home from college, working at Costco and for the first time living in an environment where I attracted attention from males. Word had gotten around that I was a virgin and sadly, this made me intriguing and a target. There was a pool created wagering on the loss of my virginity and going to work was increasingly difficult. Eight-hour shifts pushing carts, followed by long workouts at the gym were my way of holding life together.

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How a False Belief Will Destroy You

In Inspiration, She Speaks by Amy Young3 Comments

What I did not know at the time or could have even understood at that age was that my mom had caught my dad in an affair with one of her best friends. Children, if left to process without guidance, do not have the capacity to manage chaos. If no one tells them otherwise, they will conclude it is their fault.

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I Lost Myself & God Found Me

In Inspiration, She Speaks by Lexy Kadey2 Comments

Last year I read the “She Is More” blog constantly. It was so cool hearing all the different stories of what woman had been through and it was somewhat inspiring. I was never a religious person and when it came to the faith based blogs, I would most likely just skim through them or scroll past them.