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Tragedy Happened When I Believed I Wasn’t Enough

In She Speaks by Libby Bartley5 Comments

Looking back, I can’t decipher where exactly I went wrong. I don’t know how I got to the point that I did or when I crossed the line, but sitting here in this cozy coffee shop, drinking chai tea and telling you my story, it is undeniable that somewhere, I went wrong. Perhaps you may be thinking that as the victim I shouldn’t blame myself for being in the “wrong,” but I ask you to wait for the rest of my story.

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His Abuse Wasn’t My Fault

In She Speaks by Secret ContributorLeave a Comment

No one can tell your story for you. There is not a single other person who will have felt just what you have been through the way you felt. Although family and friends, counselors and coworkers, roommates and sorority sisters can provide some level of comfort and compassion through your hardships, nothing will ever prepare you for what life throws at you.

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I Burned the Lies & Buried My Eating Disorder

In She Speaks by Erika Broadbent1 Comment

I guess a part of me felt like if I am sad about letting go, then maybe I’m not at that place of acceptance that I thought I was. But I was wrong. It is sad. I must grieve. I loved, gave my all, and almost died doing it. Letting this go is incredibly sad, but on a much different level. I started to realize that it was okay to be sad, and later that night, as I threw these things into the flames, I also knew that it was okay to let go.

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How The First Deaf Miss America Changed My Life

In She Speaks by Kayla Moore3 Comments

There was a night when I was watching Miss America 1995 with my mom and it was the night that Heather Whitestone was crowned as the first deaf Miss America. I turned around to my mom and said, “I want do that, I want to be like her”! My mother knew it would be a great start in helping boost my confidence by entering me in pageants.

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My Bad Church Experience & How I Found Faith Again

In She Speaks by Jillian Benfield9 Comments

This is my faith story.  I decided to write it because every time I’ve read my bible lately, I’ve had a hard time concentrating because I keep trying to write this story, my story. I’ve had hesitations sharing it with the world because I don’t want to offend anyone from my past.

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A Woman’s Worth

In She Speaks by Danni Pietz9 Comments

As I start to tell her, she matters, she is beautiful and wonderful, I start to realize no amount of words I tell her will ever make her really feel like she is worth it. Nothing I say can convince her that she has value.

When Beauty Became Her Nightmare

In She Speaks by Megan Hucks2 Comments

Over the past year, I hit some of my highest highs and lowest lows. The modeling industry is no joke. Most of you have only seen the edited side of me. After hours in the hair and makeup chair and after professionals retouch every blemish and trim inches off of my body. Sure, it can be a very glamorous profession …

Kenzie Speaks: Standing Through The Pain

In She Speaks by kenzie dalton6 Comments

With a blow to my life this past year I discovered my strength. And boy has God given me strength. So I’m grateful for the events that have occurred this year and for the people who threw daggers because they have shone light and birthed this monster of immense commanding vigor.