Train To Reign 

Pageant and Life Coaching with Kristen Dalton Wolfe, a Miss USA, TV Host, Author and Motivational Speaker.

  • Are you a woman preparing for a pageant, an interview, going through a relationship struggle or want life changing breakthrough?
  • Are you looking for a pageant or life coach that feels like a best friend/mentor with a faith based perspective?
  • Would you like to hone your personal brand, get clarity in your purpose, enhance your communication skills, build your confidence and strategize an action plan?
  • Do you want to grow in your relationship with God along the way?
  •  Well awesome! Then, I’m your girl! I’m here to help you win from the inside out through pageant, purpose and personal development.

In 2009, my childhood dream came true when I won Miss USA.
I wasn’t the most beautiful girl nor was I even a front runner. But I didn’t just train for the competition; I trained to reign. Through that training, I was told a sparkle emerged. Some people call it the “it factor.” I call it The Sparkle Effect. And you can have it too…

Do you know that you get a royal identity as God’s daughter? But maybe you’re frustrated because you don’t feel it or know how to live it out? I used to struggle with the same thing.

I heard things like, “Just be yourself.” Only I didn’t know who I was. Sometimes I heard, “Just be confident!” But that confidence never felt real.

Can you relate? Do you feel like you’re trying to mold yourself into who you think you need to be to get that guy, that group of friends, that title or goal? When you put on an act, it blocks your ability to emanate your God-given radiance. And it doesn’t take long before you start losing any sense of yourself.

I want you experience the power of walking in your true identity. You don’t have to live in anxiety, striving, confusion, comparison or frustration on the road to your dream.

I’ve been helping young women experience breakthrough and transformation into the women God created them to be for years.  I want to help you become the queen you’re meant to be as well.

Let’s Train To Reign

Are you ready to feel free and fulfilled in who you are, regardless of circumstances? I’m here to help you SHINE again from the inside out by finding your true identity. No more masking or striving. When it comes to achieving your goals, there is one thing that will set you apart. It’s the invisible quality I call The Sparkle Effect. You get it through training for reigning in your daily life, not just for the competition. Whether you believe it or not, you were made to shine. But your light might be hiding under layers of false beliefs about yourself, half truths, spiritual damage and hurtful experiences. My goal is to help you fully walk in your royal identity by unveiling the layers to release your God-given radiance.

What is Train To Reign Coaching about?

My coaching embodies our mental, spiritual, emotional, relational life as it relates to your dreams and goals. Then I give you the practical training and tools to be prepared and polished so you SPARKLE.

On an internal level:

    • We’ll work through areas like insecurity, jealousy, people pleasing, dating, friendship conflicts, boundaries, self-worth, anxiety and more.
    • I’ll help you become the queen before you walk on stage or out of your house.
    • Cut out “faking it”…you’ll learn how to operate from victory rather than for victory.
    • Discover who you were uniquely created to be.
    • Walk into rooms secure and confident so that you have the ability to make others feel at ease.
    • Understand how to set standards and how to say NO.
    • Learn the unlikely secret to coming out on top in any situation and how to walk that out practically.
    • Learn how to hear God’s voice in the midst of all the voices fighting to keep you distracted and unfocused.

On a practical level, I’ll help you:

  • Create a mindset strategy for your roadblocks or phases of competition.
  • Teach you the secrets to win interview and onstage question
  • Develop your personal brand, your unique voice and message
  • Identify your God-given strengths and how to implement them
  • Connect your passions and position to your true purpose
  • Craft a talk or message for you to be dynamic public speaking
  • Customize a battle plan to cultivate a winning mindset
  • Create a plan of action to maximize open doors and resources
  • Create an authentic bio/resume that stands out
  • Strategize your social media branding to reflect your mission and catapult your career goals
  • Obliterate nerves and become magnetically confident in interview
  • Decide on styling/wardrobe/overall look
  • Package your platform and platform action plan that excites you and is completely actionable before your pageant.
  • Knock out your onstage question

Private Coaching

I offer online one-on-one private coaching sessions using Skype or Facetime. Our time together will be completely tailored to your goal. You can get one session to brush up on a skill or choose a discounted package to get the most value. I recommend a package so we can fully maximize and activate your transformation.

Email me if interested in in-person coaching and rates. 

Reveal: One hour session: $200 $179

Radiate: Three session package: $600 $479

Reign: Five session package: $1000 $729

The Sparkle Effect: Eight session signature package. $1900 $1129

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