God's Power Our Weakness

How God’s Power Is Made Perfect In Your Weakness

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Have you ever truly experienced God’s power taking over for your weakness? I hadn’t until now.

Recently, I felt like I was in a storm of overwhelming demands and resistance. My car was broken into and over $700 of merch was stolen. A package with a very special item was stolen from my mailbox. I had so much on my plate, one day I was driving and it just became too much. So many texts and calls were coming in asking me questions, wanting something from me and decisions I needed to make. I finally had a night where I came home and completely crashed. I felt like I had nothing left to give and no mental energy left to make decisions.

God's Power Our Weakness

I didn’t know whether I should give up or press in. Was it in the enemy coming against me or God telling me to slow down and stop? 

Have you ever wondered that?

In my wilted state, I petitioned God to hold Him accountable to His Word that says, “His power will be made perfect in my weakness.”  I had honestly never tried that before. I’ve always made things happen in my own strength and sufficiency. Now my strength and sufficiency was failing me, yet there was much left to be done. But I couldn’t just bow out of life. I had to lean on God.

I wondered how God’s power would manifest, how it would feel and how it would play out. I completely surrendered and just waited on a Wednesday night.

That night, my friend Sherry texted me asking if I wanted to come over to spend some quality time and pray. I realized I had forgotten to reach out to anyone to pray with me or be a sounding board.

I immediately said, “YES!” She is incredibly wise and rooted in faith, so she was the perfect, safe person to go to.

That Friday, I went to her house and we spent five hours together. I processed through everything with her. As I did, she gave me a revelatory metaphor that opened my eyes.

She said, “You are a like a ship in the middle of a storm. Right now, you need to let down your heaviest anchor and get rooted so deep that the rope tightens and doesn’t allow for any drag.

You wonder how the ship remains still and does nothing when there is so much to be done swirling around them? They can’t do anything because their capacity is shot. They remain still and that is when the rowboats of assistance come in.”

I thought, “Oh no, I don’t want to let anyone in to help me and I certainly don’t want to ask for help.”

But then suddenly, different people started coming to my aid. I was stressed about what to do for a baby shower. The next day, three friends emailed to say they wanted to host one for me.

I was stressed about finding a venue with pressed time for my women’s conference. Two days later, someone called me saying they were taking over the search.

I didn’t know how I was going to pull a birthday party together for my husband. My friend, Sherry offered to host a surprise dinner for him.

Meanwhile, I had been waiting for God’s power to fall on me. I was waiting for some supernatural feeling. Then, as I reflected on the rest and relief I felt, I realized that God’s power was being made perfect through the help of other believers.

God was using the body of Christ to make His power perfect for me, to sustain me. To be honest, I am such a classic American in the sense that I like to be independent, I don’t want to depend on anyone or need anyone. As much as I love my friends and family, I feel safer being a self-sustaining island.

But that isn’t the life God has called us to as believers. As a matter of fact, it says in the Word that we are the joints and ligaments supporting the entire body of Christ. That feels scary close to me. I worry I will let people down or people will let me down.

Letting people into our mess feels slightly dangerous. But wow, it’s really beautiful what happens when we allow the right people in.

If you’re in distress or in the middle of a storm right now, I encourage you to reach out and let someone safe in on it. Take the pressure off your shoulders and put it back into God’s power. It’s amazing how faithful He is to His word.

I learned not to strive and press into my own strength when my capacity level is maxed out. If your peace is being compromised, the stress is too expensive.

Instead, drop down your anchor deep. Rest. Be still…and allow the rowboats of assistance to come in.

God’s power is always made perfect in your weakness, your surrender and through the body of Christ.

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  1. That bible verse is my absolute favorite <3 I love seeing it manifested in others' lives as well as my own.

  2. My faith is relatively small if I’m honest, but it’s there within me. And last night I felt like I was drawing in all the stress, heart ache and anxiety of the past months.
    My health, including needed emergency surgery, my energy and my spirit have been low. Then this morning I stumbled across a post of yours on Facebook that gave me warmth and reflected how I was feeling.
    I sat on the tube and behind me found a page that someone had torn out of a daily teachings book telling the reader, me, to have faith.
    I came online to search your blog more and picked this post as it was sat in the centre of the screen and was the first thing my mouse hovered over. But your words have left me a warmth and a feeling that I’m not alone. A feeling that I’ve been called to stop, rest and let my guard down and my faith in.
    Thank you for your leading and guidance to remember where our faith lies!

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