Have You Lost Your Drive? 3 Ways to Get Refueled!

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I’m sitting here on the plane this morning feeling a little defeated. My INFJ personality type, as described in the Myers Briggs Personality Test, is to bite off more than I can chew and then to chew too fast. I have this big dream and vision for creating an online publication, writing books and speaking to teens and women on essentially realizing their self worth and dreaming big. Lately, I have been spending a lot of time and effort into the digital marketing, blogging research and lining up guest features on top of actually developing original content for my site. But I feel a little disheartened because it seems like it’s taking forever to get everything going. When I have a passion and a vision, I want everything to happen in fast forward. I am sitting here just thinking of all the amazing startup businesses I admire like: 31Bits.com, thegivingkeys.com, theShineProject.com, www.theunveiledwife.com and IAmThatGirl.com. Typically, they inspire me, but this morning I’m drowning.

That familiar friend called self-doubt is knocking hard on my door, saying, “why even try, everyone else is so far ahead of you?” “You have so far to go, you’ll never make it” “what’s the point? there are already so many other blogs and messages like yours.” “why would people read what you have to write?'”

That’s when I had to check myself. Here are 3 ways to stay motivated and get your fuel back.

1. Why am I doing this in the first place? I realized I am being distracted by the byproduct of doing what God asked me to do. Instead of being totally focused on the heart of a message, I noticed I was focusing on the result of glamour and recognition that other good intentioned businesses have achieved. But God says, “seek first the kingdom and all will be added to you.” This means, the ultimate goal should not be the money I earn, the amount of shares I get or the followers I gain. The point is that I focus only on creating the content that God has asked of me. Everything else, I am to surrender into His hands and trust that He will provide all that I need. Discouragement is not of God, he is only the encourager of all things good. So only allow encouragement to be in your voice, mind and spirit.

2. Focus on your journey. God has called everyone to do something meaningful. And everyone is on different schedules. It can be really discouraging sometimes when you look up the mountain from the very bottom to see how far you have to go, while other people are already standing at the top. But they had to climb the mountain too and it doesn’t matter that they could also be doing the very thing you want to do. The fact is, God says he has “made our lot secure and has drawn our lines of inheritance in pleasant places.” This means that there is nothing to fear ever. God has already gone before us and prepared the way. There is never enough people doing good works and spreading light to the world. Don’t be intimated by the people who have succeeded, look to them for inspiration. They were once where you were too.

3. Use disappointment for motivation. There are times that I post a blog I have spent hours writing. It’s like my baby that I want everyone to react and respond to! However, I might not get many likes on Facebook or any comments. In these moments, it actually hurts and it could be easy to quit. But then I think of Walt Disney who was told he would never make it. If he would have listened to those people, people he actually respected, he would have never created the worldwide, magical legacy that exists today. Same story with Joyce Meyer, the face and voice of her own international mega ministry. She led a bible study out of her home for 5 years before she was hired to work for a church. She was persecuted for being a woman leader and she and her husband struggled on only his paycheck for years as she followed her calling. And it sure didn’t happen overnight, it unfolded over decades.

Unfortunately, no one ever said having a dream come to life would be easy. Especially when it is God’s dream. He does not call us to mediocrity or small triumphs. He has serious, world changing visions for our lives. But only a fraction of us keep enough faith, trust and perseverance to ever see the full fruition of all that could be. Make the decision today to be that small fraction that perseveres through adversity and becomes all you are meant to be. Be re-energized today!


  1. I found this post as a “share” on FB by my Goddaughter, Briana Feehan. It must have been timely for her to share and it positively was timely for me to read. Several of the points and observations you made hit home for me so – “Job well done”! I think we all need to take a step back sometimes to respect the process and not just measure the results. As you mention; you don’t get from the bottom of the mountain to the top without the climb. I will refer to this blog during a team meeting tomorrow. Thanks and stay true to your mission.

  2. This was amazing. I found it on FB and it was just the encouragement I needed. Thank you!!! You just stopped me from giving up. God Bless

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