How To Access The Power of Living in the Present

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The Present Is Perfect

Have you every thought about the 3 time zones of the mind? There is the past, the present, and the future. Our minds can only retain one thought at a time so we determine which mind-zone we want to be in. If you are like most of my clients you are either stuck in how to process your past, OR dreaming how to improve your future. The problem with that is you are missing the most important time of your life. TODAY!

There are several reasons we live in the “mind-zones” of the past and the future.

Let’s explore why we spend so much time there.

Living in the past?

Life as a Victim:

Since being a victim is subjective no one can challenge or refute your feelings. It is your experience and your supposition. Therefore, it is true. But just because you feel it and can justify it does not make it true. This mind-zone allows you an excuse for your circumstance and behavior, but never really allows you the freedom to enjoy your life.

Life as the Hero:

If you’ve had a successful past it is a safe and glorious place to live. You can relive the success every time you tell the story again. It is your “life fuel” and the thing that gives you significance and personal worth. To let go of the past would be to let go of your value.

• Life that’s Predictable:

In this case you live life safe. No risk, no reward. Your past has proven a predictable life so you repeat it over, and over again. You know what you have and you don’t dare take the chance of not being in control of your world. You live a boring life, but at lest you are the captain of your ship. You do the only thing you know to do, over, and over, and over again. Your life is predictable.

Living in the future?

• The Futurist:

This is the person that is convinced that if they plan far enough into the future, create a vision board, and just wait patiently the worlds will come together and birth their idea into a multi-million dollar company.

• The Entrepreneur:

This is the person who has more ideas than they do friends. They spend their lives developing ideas instead of relationships.Ouch! That hurt! Days turn into months, and months into years, and they look back wondering what happen to yesterday.

• The Dreamer:

Life is going to get better tomorrow. This is the person who is unhappy with their today, and lives in a dream world of tomorrow. Their dream world is an escape into future reality and is the fix that allows them to function day to day.

It has been said, “If you have one eye on yesterday, and one eye on tomorrow, you’re going to be cockeyed today.” ~Author Unknown

Living in the Present

OK, Tammy, I get it, but how do I learn to live in the Present?
Glad you asked. Here are a few tips to learn to live in the present.

1) Begin to make healthy daily choices. The reason you look to the future is because you can “make believe” how it looks. In reality the future is a reflection of your present day-by-day decisions. An exercise I do with my clients is to make a list of healthy daily habits and check them off throughout the day.

2) Look for the reason you are here. You have the ability to make someone’s day special. From a smile to holding the door open for some one, your existence matters. See yourself as vital to society. You can extend love to the loveless. I make it my job to improve three people’s lives a day. Begin to live in the now by enjoying today.

3) Breathe! As a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, I have learned and experienced the value of deep breathing. This skill will release tension and add serenity to your daily life.

4) Make a thanksgiving list. This exercise has opened many of my client’s eyes to all the blessings they currently have. Your past may haunt you, and the future overwhelms you, but your thanksgiving list will hold you secure in today.

5) Just let go. We allow so many things to anger, frustrate, and control us. Learn to “Just Let Go”! When we release the things that try to destroy our joy, we win. A few ways to deal with the pressure of your day are:

a. Walk away from the conflict–stay away long enough for your rational mind to return.
b. Count to 20 then ask yourself if this really matters that much.
c. Breathe and smile.
d. Visualize peace and serenity. Keep positive quotes and scripture near you at all times to reflect upon positive truths.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present”. ~Babatunde Olatunji

Enjoy your day as a gift from above to have and hold, and forever love. It’s your choice to pick the time zone you want to live in. I hope you choose the present.

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