My Last Valentine’s Day Without A Babysitter

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It’s crazy to think about how life is about to change with our baby coming into the world. The married life Kris and I currently know is coming to a close, so it’s important for us to reflect on and honor the times we have had. It’s my last Valentine’s Day without a babysitter, and there is something exciting and daunting about that.

Last Valentine's Day without a babysitter

I ask myself if it will still be romantic. Will I even want Valentine’s Day to be celebrated in the same way? Maybe all I will want is to be with Kris and our daughter cuddled up together with a good story book and tea. Will I feel frumpy and unsexy or will I embrace the cozy life? I don’t know what inner feelings and waves lie ahead as this newlywed chapter comes to a close, but I am really thankful I know I have God’s grace to lean on. When times are tough or I am going through a dark period, He always gives me enough of His grace to lighten the load so it’s bearable.

Kris and I have always had romantic dinners on Valentine’s Day evenings. I know it’s cliche, but I really love fancy dining and enjoying ambiances with twinkling lights and candle lights. It’s always a special occasion for me on Valentine’s when he pulls out the stops to make me feel like a high class lady. It’s an evening I plan my outfit for in advance and do my nails for. I always clean our house and bedroom, light candles, play special music and have a present and card waiting for him before we start the night. It’s always been exciting to prepare for, but I can already sense the shift in priorities for this year, even being pregnant.

It seems Kris and I are both pretty focused on taking the dreams God put in our hearts to the next level. We have both been incredibly busy and our minds seem to be constantly on preparing for our daughter. It’s an unspoken shift and hustle. I quietly wonder, is this a bad thing? Or does romance look different in different seasons? 

In reflecting on these things, I realized that romance can and will look different as our marriage, family and lives unfold together. What matters is that the heartfelt thoughtfulness is there for each other and both our love cups remain full in whatever ways they need to.

I understand that many people consider Valentine’s Day to be a commercial holiday created for companies and businesses to make money. I get that to an extent, but I also think it is important to celebrate love, each other and our relationships. Every day, week or month would be ideal and of course we have anniversaries. But I think there is something special about an entire community of humans taking a moment to think about love and to take action on something extra special. Our relationships are more important than anything else in this world including our dreams and careers. I think we need even more days to cause us to remember that.

Here are some bits of our advice on keeping marriage romantic, getting along and enjoying each other and being at peace with change:

Kris is taking me out on a romantic date he planned weeks ago. I don’t know where, but it involves twinkling lights and candlelight. I already have my dress I’ll share in my instashop later so you can shop it if you’d like! One thing I do know about next Valentine’s Day is that I will be able to have my favorite glass of ice cold, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!!! xoxoxo

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