Miss America Reveals How To Have A Winning Mindset

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I say it all the time, and I’ll say it again. I don’t believe that either you win or lose a pageant. I have really come to dislike the word lose all together, but especially in pageantry. Obviously, there’s only one girl that walks away with the title and job. I like to think of it as you either win or you don’t win. You never “lose.”

At the end of the day, if you’re being honest with yourself, everyone has won in the way of enhanced confidence, new and stronger relationships, life experience, speaking skills, interview training, poise, etc. Yes, we are all winners. 😉

Make this adjustment in your message and see what difference it makes in your journey. It’s a simple change that makes an incredible impact. It’s an attitude. It’s a positive perspective. It’s a #winning mindset.

When we think about competition, it’s about doing OUR personal best to achieve OUR ultimate goal (which for most culminates in a crown being placed on your head). But, what if our goals had nothing to do with “us?”

Here are some gentle reminders to keep on hand in order to have a #winning mindset in competition.

1. You are not competing against the other contestants. You are competing WITH them.

It seems simple, but can really help you enhance your experience by forging friendships and soaking up every moment for the memory that is being made, not in speculation over who has the best swimsuit body. Comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t let anyone steal your joy, especially if it’s you standing in the way. 


2. God has not placed you in this position or given you this experience for anything that you can gain, but what He can gain through you and your work.

We are put on this Earth to help, love and serve others; not to win prizes and feel beautiful. Are those things great? Yes. Are those things wonderful gifts from God and tremendous blessings? Yes. Do those things give us a sense of fulfillment: Like we’re headed in the right direction? Yes. But, they’re not our purpose. They are our catalyst. When we win prizes, we are given opportunities to reach a larger audience to spread our message. When we feel beautiful, we gain confidence and tend to put ourselves outside of our comfort zone and into places that seem daunting, unfamiliar, and scary. Competing challenges us. God does not call us to be comfortable. In fact, He wants us to be uncomfortable. He wants us to move mountains for Him and He puts us in positions to do just that, regardless of the outcome of the competition.


3. You have the power of influence to positively impact the lives of others.

Think about what your legacy will be at the end of your life. What do you want it to be? Your title or your actions? Don’t let your title or success define what you can bring to others, or how you make a difference. God can move through anyone, anywhere. Look at Malala. Mother Teresa. Martin Luther King Jr. Humble beginnings. Enormous legacy.
The greatest way to have a #winning mindset is to see yourself as having won before competition even begins. In order to do that, you need to change your definition of success. Is the ONLY measure of success being crowned? If it is, then don’t compete. Harsh. But honest. If not winning is going to tear your entire world apart, then don’t do it. It is perfectly fine being disappointed when you don’t win, but defeated is not an option.

How will you win today? How will you win in life? It’s all about attitude: Not competition. Keep your chin up and keep looking up. That’s when you really start #winning. 



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