My Fear of Getting Fat & The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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While scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook this evening, I saw a lot of horrible comments about the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  I will admit, as a young woman struggling with my current body situation, I purposely did not watch it. However, there are all these beautiful women saying how awful these models look and how “disgusting” their bodies are. They say, “Don’t look up to these women because fit is the new sexy and they need some meat on their bones.”

I will admit I am not happy with my current weight. I’m not overweight, but I’m not where I want to be. There was a time in my life that I was underweight, though. And let me tell you, that time was just as difficult as my current situation. I had friends, family, and even teachers make comments about my weight. “Go eat a cheeseburger. What’s wrong with you?!” “That dress makes you look like a bean pole.” “Throwing your lunch away again? You know, there are starving children in Africa.”

Just because I was struggling in a completely different way, people made fun and made cruel, hurtful comments that have stayed with me all these years. That was nine years ago that I was on the edge of anorexia. I was depressed. I always threw away my lunch out of fear of getting fat. My hair was thin. My face was pale. I look back at my pictures and I’m embarrassed, but even more, I’m hurt that no one wanted to help me. All they wanted to do was criticize which in turn led me to go from underweight to overweight within three years.

I look at these beautiful models on TV and I am proud for them. They work hard to keep their bodies clean and healthy like the temple God made it to be. I see nothing “disgusting” about any of them, but I do see so many beautiful and different types of bodies: All bodies that God created.

Whether you are a size 0 or a size 20, God created you in His own image. That makes you beautiful. Staying healthy is a part of protecting the temple He gave us in which to live out our lives, but healthy is different for every woman.

So instead of throwing insults, next time think about what they may be going through. Think about the hours of workouts they put in. Think about the amount of pressure that our culture places on perfection. And think about the way you felt when someone said you were too skinny or too fat. While it may be almost a cliché now, God really does love every woman just the way she is and He finds her beautiful no matter what section she shops in.


  1. Precisely, you never know someone’s story. Our society is very quick to judge in all directions. It is those judgements of ourselves and others that imprison us. All shapes and sizes are beautiful. Health needs to be the goal first and foremost. When health is compromised for vanity, our priorities are out of wack. Furthermore, the way someone’s body looks doesn’t always acurately represent how fit they are or how healthy they are. I’ve known some very fit people who are “overweight.” I also know some people who appear to have muscle tone and are quite thin, who couldn’t lift a 10lb dumbbell and eat terribly. I know people who dehydrate themselves and starve days before their “fitness photo shoot” and are labeled the “picture of health.” All to say, you can’t really every know what’s really going on for someone. My two prong plan: 1. stop judging myself, stop judging other people and 2. support each other along the way and cheer each other on to be healthy and accepting of the different seasons and shapes of our lives. <3

  2. “Healthy is different to every woman.” Amen sister! I try to preach that every day as a fitness coach. Many come to me concerned about the number on the scale or about thigh gap necessities, etc. They forget the intangibles like energy, confidence, and God given beauty. Great article. 🙂

  3. I totally agree. I know that people are often quick to judge/quick to get jealous and say mean things as a reason. Sometimes I feel that way too. We assume things that we have no proof of. Thanks for the great reminder that everyone has a story! We just need to take the time to invest in that person’s life and to help that person if needed!

  4. I have looked at a lot of bodies, due to my own insecurities. I have come to the realization that there are tall and short people, there are the really thin and the ones who build muscle effortlessly. There are people that have curves in one place, many places, or practically none at all. So trying to compare my more curvy body to a model who has a smaller waist to hip ratio is stupid. To expect my thicker body to be as tiny as some of these models is pointless. I have to accept my body and try to make it the best it can be.

  5. I will agree that it is inappropriate and down right wrong to make any woman feel bad about her weight regardless of her size. However, I think the people behind the posts that criticize the models are coming from a place of frustration. This frustration stems from the pressure that the media puts on young girls to be extremely thin in order to be beautiful. The image that the Victoria Secret models portray is unrealistic for most women. Just as you said, these models spend hours working out and intensely watching their diets to prepare for the annual show that is reportedly watched by eight million people. Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima told a reporter that for nine days before the show, she only drinks protein shakes and does not eat any solids at all. How can that be healthy? This is not a realistic lifestyle for today’s woman who works a full-time job, has a family, goes to school, volunteers within the community, etc. What about the young girls that watch the show? Nonetheless, these feelings of frustration do not justify cruel posts and comments about the models. Like you said, God really loves every woman just the way she is, but as you well know, the media does not. Thank you for all of your inspirational posts! YOU are a true, positive role model for young women today.

  6. I found your post on Pinterest. I love that you wrote this and I’m glad you doing better. I think every woman struggles with weight issues. I hope your having a great day you beautiful lady!

  7. I watched the show and the only one who looked too thin was the minority. The rest work out with world class trainers one of which trained me for Miss USA. They are full time athletes in my opinion and none of their trainers nor nutritionists would ever condone poor eating. In fact, they helped me learn that 90% of what you eat is what you look like; eat clean and exercise in a way that creates long lean muscles versus traditional methods. Try to learn more about what really goes on. I think women can be worse womanizers than men. Cheer us all on to beauty… don’t tear down through personal insecurities. Be above the gossip. Great read!

  8. Thank You for this. It really encouraged me and help to remember that its not about looks. but that God created me beautifully the way that I am.

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