My Revelation from a Dream: The Mystery Rider

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I had the most beautiful dream last night. I woke up smiling. I dreamt that I was in a village during the renaissance times with my little sister, Julia. There was sickness, poverty and death clawing all around us. I watched an old man who was bound and chained collapse to his death. Corruption ruled the chaos and no one was fazed by the reckless strife endured by the next person. Julia and I stood there in the middle of hopelessness, wondering if we’d ever see light or hear laughter again.

Suddenly an extravagant horse and rider stood towering over us as we trembled in confusion. Without a word, the rider held out his hand. He wore an exquisite mask which hid his face. His clothes were brilliant blue, white and there seemed to be a glow illuminating off of him. His essence was so gentle that Julia thought he was a woman at first. But somehow, I knew he was a prince who wasn’t allowed to speak in order to keep his identity concealed. He simply extended his hand down to us, emanating a peaceful aura. We sensed we could trust him. His spirit was that of a gentleman who did not try to convince us with words to come with him, but simply through his presence. It was our choice whether or not we took his hand. We could stay in the familiar of our current tragedy, in the midst of misery and despair. Or we would take a leap of faith, with questions clouding our logic, and trust this mysterious rider. We took his hand and he pulled us atop his impressive stallion. We went galloping off.

Suddenly, it turned to modern day times and it seemed like we were on the beaches of Greece. The crystal sand crushing beneath my feet penetrated my senses with serenity. I can hear laughter now and see smiling…I hadn’t known it in so long that tears begin to flow down my face. Freedom is the center of this harmony. The rider finally revealed his true royal identity to us, but explained that he liked to stay unrecognizable in order to fulfill his missions. He reminded me of the dark rider in “Lord of the Rings,” Strider. The one who is the rightful heir to the throne, but fights and saves alongside the people so he will earn his way back in victory conquering the reign of the enemy.

The prince romances us by spending time with us, showing us the splendor of the beaches and coves. He listens to us intently as we unlock the secrets of our hearts. Oddly, my sister and I weren’t competing for his attention like most girls would. I was captivated on an unexplainable level because he gazed so warmly, yet knowingly into my eyes. It literally lit a flame in me that spread throughout my being. A tangible shimmer started to radiate from my skin. The prince wanted to know my soul, every good and dark thing about me. He didn’t even know me, yet I was so important to him, it felt like it was the only thing that mattered in the whole world. Why? When Julia and I went with him, the sun rose and shattered the darkness that had been enveloping our worlds. There were colorful rays swirling all around us. Just being near the prince made me feel like I could do anything, that I was supposed to do something great. In fact, the desire to start whatever that great thing was started burning so intensely that I began to break into a run. I felt whole again. A new strength washed over me erasing the wounds that imprinted my soul, just as the waves crash over footprints in the sand making it smooth again.

I realized while writing out this dream that the prince symbolized Jesus. God was showing me in my sleep that Jesus is gently reaching out his hand to me. That it is my choice to trust him to take me to better places, yet he will never impose on me until I am ready. He is a gentleman. Jesus is a prince, the Prince of Peace. But he came disguised as a carpenter’s son so he could know our struggles, fight our fights, and save us in the end. He actually allowed himself to be murdered so we could have a life of hope. When we trust Him and take his hand, even in the face of the questions and mystery of all that he is, his desire is to show himself. Just as the prince removed his mask to reveal his face, Jesus unveils his identity to draw us in to the heart of intimacy with him. There is no greater power than an intimate relationship with someone, especially with that of the Prince of Peace. With our Prince by our side, we can do all things we are born and called to do. We are empowered by heavenly beams and no thing, person or force can ever keep us down.

Through faith, taking his hand leads to an endless discovery of new revelations and enchanting relationship with the face of Divinity. Jesus is in love with our hearts, with all the goodness he made us to be, and every shameful layer that this fallen world has tacked on. He adores our glorious parts we don’t fully believe about ourselves and cares for the guilty parts we so masterfully hide. Nothing matters more to him than this. With Him, a fire sets ablaze inside of us and people can’t help but to stop and stare. Walking with the Prince of Peace, we are the lights of the world, we are fiercely protected, divinely renewed and outrageously loved.

God loves us so much, he shows himself in dreams and visions. If you are struggling with believing, feeling or experiencing the lavishness of God’s sacred love for you, ask him to visit you in your sleep too 🙂


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