Notice The Girl Fading Away

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Does anyone know she is going down tonight? Does anyone know how he/she is feeling tonight? Does anyone realize that he/she could be slowly fading away?

Why is it that we are so consumed with ourselves & our lives that we are so blind to notice what’s going on around us? Why is it that we have lost heart in reaching out to other’s just to show we care & they aren’t alone?

We are falling in love with what the world has to offer or we are allowing the world to show how to love & care for others. And to gain what in return? Let’s be realistic here; the world can’t offer even half of our needs that a human being can. It isn’t capable of doing so.

What’s the point of a friend if you’re too busy rooting for he/she to fail? What’s the point of having friends at all if we are too busy to be one? The thing we often forget is we are never too busy for the things we find important to us. Being busy is an excuse we trick ourselves to believe & its an excuse to make yourself feel better about not being able to be that person in that moment that you needed to be. We all know that a battle can’t be won without a group of men/women willing to die for another so why do we push those away who could be the very ones we need to help overcome our biggest battles in life?

Why do men think they are entitled to so much power? Why do men find themselves never to be satisfied? In addition, in what way is it okay to put your hands on a woman or belittle her? It says in the bible that a woman was created from the ribs of a man to not be underneath his feet so he can walk all over her, beneath his head so he feels superior, but beside him so she can support him as well as joining together as partners. You can’t spell women without using the word men in it, but notice how the letters “wo” is in front of “men”.

Women need to also remember that because you’re the ones who set standards for yourself. There is no reason whatsoever for you to take someone belittling you or abusing you. Know your worth so much more than that & you are deserving of someone who will not do that to you. Believe me when I say; there are good men still out there. Know when enough is enough & find your strength within yourself to run as fast as you can away from that to find your happiness. You only get one life.

Ephesians 5:33
“Nevertheless, each individual among you also is to love his own wife even as himself, and the wife must see to it that she respects her husband”

Why is that some celebrities feel the need to make other’s feel like they are below them because they aren’t in their position of power? Didn’t they all know what it was like to be there at one point? Why is it that they often forget that the very people who beneath them are the very reasons why they are where they are now? Aren’t we all fighting to reach the top & be successful? Absolutely. However, never forget that the ones on the bottom; you will meet again during the times you are on your way back down.

We look around us & all we see is the world losing the sight of love as well as kindness. You turn on the news & you’re constantly seeing another mass shooting, terrorism, animal cruelty, suicides, or another beautiful child lost his/her life due to a horrible act by a parent. Why? It’s a question we are all asking ourselves.


At this point, you’re probably trying to answer that question with blaming someone or something or even creating a label. In some circumstances, you might have the very right to do so. However, let me paint a clearer picture here. Take that finger your pointing & turn it towards yourself. Yes, you heard me correctly & I am not joking. We are the foundation to the madness of this world. It all starts with the questions I have been asking throughout this blog. Do you ever take into consideration of those very questions daily?


The thing we have lost track of the most is how big of an impact we can make on our society & on others. Every step we take or every action we make; someone is watching you. We have been told this every since we can remember & its true. Instead of taking a stand against evil & make things right; we run. We run this race that is never going to have winners. Instead, it just keeps going because we refuse to accept responsibilities for our own actions. God created us to be examples, role models, a loving husband/wife, a best friend, a dreamer, & so forth. We were created to be the difference we want to see in this world or be that inspiration that someone needs. One act of random kindness could make a bigger difference than you think.


Understand that you don’t have to be famous or of a well known person in order to be that change you want to see. You have that power & the freedom within your own hands & minds. There’s so much hurt in our world today because people no longer feel the love or desire to be wanted. I can’t tell you how many times my boyfriend tells me that when someone comes up to him when he is wearing his USAF uniform & tell him, “Thank you for your service”, that it reminds him why he is fighting for this country. There have been times where I have been told in my industry how much a simple “Thank You” goes a long way because it doesn’t happen much. Although, it should be happening more often. I realize how much hard work agents, casting directors, directors, studios, teachers, and so forth put into helping me become the best & most successful actress I can be. Appreciation is the least we can do for others.


It doesn’t matter what religion background you’re from, what your culture is, what color your skin is, what country you’re from, or what type of past you come from; we were created under one God & we are all one. Stop with the labeling & stop with the feeling sorry for yourself or trying to find reasons why you be a good person for others. The soul of a human being is the most beautiful thing created & getting to know someone can release so many discoveries, adventures, or even lessons for yourself. If you just allow yourself to be open to that experience. Quit judging one another because I can assure you that none of us will ever be perfect.


Be willing to forgive, love, & remain humble. After all, it’s all we have in this world to keep us going & to keep us alive. It’s all we have to bring positivity into this cruel world. In a world that is quick to make you never be satisfied; its up to us to remember how we can be satisfied & proud of the person we have become. It is you who has to look at yourself everyday in the mirror & live with the choices you make, no one else, but remember those choices will always come with reactions. Take a stand, join the race that puts an end to all the hate & cruelty that is taking over in our society today because that’s the one that is worth winning.


“Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore, love is the fulfillment of the law”-Romans 13:10



  1. This is one incredible site! I’m a married man so I’m not joining, or seeking a mate, but may I say that you have been given a real ministry here. God guide and inspire you always.

  2. I Love it, read it word to word and Yes I absorbed all of it, thank You for sharing.

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