Podcast: Do You Pick The Jerk or the Good Guy?

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Last week, Kris and I watched Can’t Buy Me Love, a classic 80′s movie about a nerd who ultimately wins the captain of the cheerleading squad’s heart. She’s the most beautiful girl in school, untouchable, but she ends up sharing her heart and her dreams with a lawn boy reject. Is this real life, or is this just another fictional tale made up by Hollywood?

Do girls really go for the good guy?

In this episode, we talk about what girls really look for in guys. We reference some of the studies discussed in Good Guys Never Win…Or Do They? Guys, you might be surprised by some of my responses. There are universal qualities girls look for that can be attained by both the jerk and the good guy, but the good guy always comes out on top.

Welcome to Episode 5 of Relationships Radio.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The good qualities that attract girls to the jerk
  • How guys can move from an initial 6 to a 10
  • The best way a nice guy can approach a girl

“If good guys had those confident, adventurous qualities that the ‘jerk or cock guy’ has, then she would fall for you.” Kristen Dalton-Wolfe

Bottom line is, girls overall are not attracted to a guy who is a people-pleaser or doesn’t have self-confidence. When a guy is confident in who his is, he allows the girl to feel safe and comfortable.

From a woman’s perspective, I believe looks are only 5% of the equation. Chemistry is always important, but stereotypical handsome looks aren’t necessarily what she’s looking for. We want a good guy who will actually approach us because he believe enough in himself .

Pull yourself together and realize no person should be held on a pedestal so high that you start having anxiety attacks when you get near them. 

At the end of the day, the guy who makes a girl feel amazing about herself WINS!

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