Pregnancy Vlog Week 29: Airplanes, Kicks and Still No Nursery

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Hey y’all!

I am finally recapping the last three weeks of pregnancy at week 29. I’m sick in by vlog and a little delirious, so give mama some grace!

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I can not believe I’m in the third trimester. I honestly thought I was still somewhere in the second. I think the key to an enjoyable pregnancy is to stay really busy and active because it makes time fly and the growing pains less noticeable.  I’m trying to get as many goals checked off the list as I can before baby comes. When you’re purpose driven, you just don’t have time to dwell the inconveniences of pregnancy…only time to enjoy the miracle of it.

In my pregnancy vlog, I talk about what it was like flying across the country at 26 weeks to get up at 5 AM for speaking engagements. I prayed so much for supernatural energy because I had no clue how I was not only going to get up and look decent, but to have enough clarity to bring an exciting message.

I’m definitely feeling the tiredness that comes in the third trimester and I’m in the middle of planning a women’s conference. So please pray for me! And come to the conference, of course 🙂

I had my hospital tour last week and I will say I’m not too thrilled about the aesthetics of it. It definitely doesn’t feel pretty or nice, but I really want my OB to deliver my baby and that’s the only place he does. I am all pre-registered though so I’ll be able to go in the day of and just give them my name and date of birth. Easy peasy.

I’ll leave the rest of the details for you to watch in my vlog! Stay tuned for my next article which will feature my maternity shoot!


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