A Princess is Born: How Her Name Came To Be

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About three years ago, I received some encouraging words out of the blue from three different people. Each one of them told me that Kris and I would conceive a son by the end of the year. The first time, I blew it off with a laugh thinking, “You are so, so wrong.” The second time annoyed me. And the third time freaked me out and made me wonder if I was missing something. Usually, God speaks to me first and then other people confirm it. But, I hadn’t heard from Him about having a baby at all. Not to mention, in my mind, I wasn’t ready. Only a year into marriage, we were happily traveling, working and enjoying the newlywed life.

I wondered if God was trying to speak to me through others. I decided to pray about it. If God wanted me to have a baby, I wanted to hear it directly from Him. So, one afternoon, I laid on my living room floor, put on some worship music and prayed. I asked God to speak to me about my child. Astounded, I saw a vision of my daughter in a field. I was behind her watching her light blonde hair  flow in the wind. I smiled. Then, she turned around and gazed deeply into my eyes. Her eyes pierced my heart like a sword and I burst into a waterfall of tears. Something inside of me changed in that moment. I loved this daughter who wasn’t even remotely here yet. But she was in Heaven waiting for ME to be ready.

I asked God, “What’s her name?” He showed me a night sky. Then suddenly, His finger swept across the sky leaving a trail of stars with each letter revealing her name…Aurora.

Aurora means “light” and from what I had seen in my vision, I knew her essence would be luminous with the wisdom and intimacy of God’s love.

Aurora is also Sleeping Beauty, and as you know from following me and She Is More, I believe in fairy tales. We also are hoping she beautifully sleeps in these first months of being a newborn. Kris photographed some pictures of Aurora in a Sleeping Beauty-inspired photoshoot with her aunt fairy Kenzie providing the styling:

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After I came out of worship, I thought, “I should save her Instagram handle now.” I created her account, @AuroraJWolfe. Instagram likely won’t be existent or cool by the time she’s old enough to use it. But, nevertheless, I started it three years ago.

Now, after a week of much-needed privacy, Kris and I are in awe and wonder to announce

Aurora J. Wolfe

has come from Heaven and is lovingly tucked in our arms.