Specific Prayers For My Daughter In The Womb

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I believe in praying specifically over every detail in your life, including your baby in the womb!  Some people believe general prayers like, “whatever your will is, God” or “If she can just be healthy..” in the name of humility and surrender is enough. I believe we should pray and work like it’s up to us and leave it in God’s hands to decide how He wants to move through that. The more specifically we pray, the more specifically we see God’s answers…and the more fun it is!

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He calls us co-laborers and co-heirs. We are partners with Him and He wants to be in full communion with us. Of course we should always have a heart of surrender when praying for our desires because God will direct our steps along the best pathway for us anyways! Psalm 32:8

Kris and I have been praying for our children before we even conceived. Throughout my pregnancy, we go on prayer walks and pray over her development and every detail we can think of. I started feeling like I might miss an important area to cover her in. Every time a parent would bring up an issue or high light about their child, I would think “Ooo I better pray for that!”

So I decided to make an ongoing list in my journal of things to pray for to help me remember all the important things.

I wanted to share a few of them with you in hopes that it might help in praying over your baby now or in the future!

Our roles as parents start well before they enter the world and our prayers are powerful.

Prayers for Angel Baby:

Connection to God: She hears from God and knows His voice. She is deeply in relationship/love with Jesus and she dwells in the Holy Spirit. She hosts His presence with purity and Heaven loves to dwell within her. His gracious hand is upon her giving her favor all her days. She is fervent about leaning in to what He wants to teach her and never stops cultivating relationship with Him.

Brain: I pray she is quick to connect dots, a fast learner, understands and can teach almost any concept. Thinks outside the box and can present new ideas. That she has a photographic memory, strong in right and left brain. She aces everything and is a whiz test taker. Her brilliant mind never gets in the way of her heart and connection to God.

Face: I pray she has sparkling eyes that sees people the way God sees them; for a smile and laugh that melts hearts and draws people in. She is a joy bringer.

Hands: I pray she has graceful hands she uses to create the gifts God has given her and to fulfill her Kingdom commission.

Tummy: She has a wonderful, perfectly functioning digestive system with no GI problems, no allergies or dietary restrictions. I pray her stomach is strong.

Legs: She is agile and flexible to enjoy activities like riding bikes, tumbling, climbing trees, dancing, leaping and roller blading!

Arms: I pray she embraces warmly and gives good hugs.

Vitality: She is vibrant and never has any broken bones or health problems. Her body and organs serve her well to fulfill her calling and to fully optimize the gift of life she’s been created for. She never takes her blessings for granted, she is aware of them and cultivates her talents. God looks at her and says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Heart: I pray she has a healthy heart with all valves, strong heart rate and optimal blood pressure. Her heart pumps for God, family, purity, justice, love and that she guards it with all diligence. Her heart is soft, but not overly sensitive and she can easily overlook an offense.

Wisdom: She understands deep things and sees into people early on. Her wisdom promotes her and she uses it for good. She is able to see the “why” behind the “what” in people’s actions and uses her knowledge to speak life into them. She is wise enough to know she should always listen to, honor and obey her parents because their guidance leads to life.  She never has desire or stubborn spirit to rebel as she knows this is the path to destruction.

Spirit: She is magical, ethereal, like an angelic experience to encounter her. She is never taken advantage of because she is discerning. Holy Spirit consumes and guides her with ribbons of light.

Emotional maturity/balance: She has a high capacity to handle the ups and downs of this world, energies, people, mean girls and jealousy. She is rarely thrown off because she is deeply rooted in her heavenly identity. She never has a desire to repay wrong with wrong. She knows that taking the Jesus approach is higher and God will ultimately always set her feet high upon a rock in the presence of her enemies, even when it means sacrificing face in the eyes of people temporarily.

Social Intelligence: She is an excellent communicator. People are disarmed around her. She is highly self aware, but doesn’t overrate herself. She lights up every room and person she encounters because she is others-focused. She never feels inferior or intimidated because God is always on the throne of her heart. She never idolizes people or their opinions.

Leadership: She is never influenced by peers, she is unwavering in righteousness and beliefs but loves people likes her daddy does. She never feels rejected even when she is left out. Her name and reputation is always respected.

Grit: She doesn’t easily give up, especially on the dreams God puts in her heart. She presses into God when times are hard and never questions His love and goodness towards her.

Graciousness: She is wise to see and notice what people do for her and is deeply thankful. She is able to be kind to unloveable people in tricky situations.

Humility: She stewards her beauty and giftings to point eyes to Jesus. She knows she can do no good thing apart from God.

Temperament: She has a gentle, peaceful temperament. She is adaptable and full of joy. She naturally embodies the revelation of Paul who says, “I have learned to be content in any circumstance.” She is not prone to depression or melancholy. She has a natural joyful disposition and always see the glass as half-full.

Voice: She has a voice that saves, ushers in healing, speaks boldly the Truth in the right timing. Her voice is light.

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Inquisitive: She is a teacher, so she can never learn enough. She has a thirst for deeper understanding and stewards her revelations by walking them out and teaching others. She has a genuine interest in others.

Family: She loves her mama and daddy and knows how much we love her. She will be a loving, protective big sister who is a good helper. She and mommie have a special bond and are able to teach others how to have a beautiful mother/daughter relationship.

Faith: She has the gift of faith. She is living proof that having faith as small as a mustard seed, believing God, asking of God, thinking and speaking in agreement with God will move mountains.

Before I made this list of prayers, I asked God to tell me about her. These prayers are tailored specifically for my baby. I encourage you to ask God to tell you about your baby and how He has fashioned her/him in Heaven before conception. Don’t underestimate the power of your prayers as a parent.

What are some prayers you prayed?  Leave a comment and let me know anything else I should include!

I had a vision of my daughter in a field. She was wearing a rainbow crown of light. I told my friend Leah about it, who is the most talented person I know. She made my daughter her crown. This is it along with some other sweet pics.

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