The Rise Up Princess Cover Reveal and a Letter from Kristen

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Dear Princess,


I am so excited and blessed to share this devotional with you. I was raised in a Christian home, going to church every Sunday, was actively involved in youth group, bible study and mission trips. As the oldest of four children, my definition for success was performance + approval. I never felt beautiful, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, I dealt with painful, cystic acne, loneliness and depression. I believed if I could win Miss USA, I would finally feel worthy, beautiful and that all my insecurities would disappear.


In 2009, my childhood dream came true of winning Miss USA. As incredibly exciting as it was, it wasn’t the magical cure I thought it would be. I doubted myself all the time, I wanted to please everyone and spent many nights crying alone on the bathroom floor of my NYC titleholder apartment. I soon found that there is only emptiness in seeking the affirmation of a title or accolade to give me identity.


One day, someone spoke words to me that changed my life forever. I was doubting my purpose in life and my friend said to me, “Kristen, don’t you know that you are a daughter of the One True King?” I had never heard or even thought of that before. But yes, he was right. This was revelational, eye-opening, a complete paradigm shift to the way I had been seeing myself and living. This meant I was royalty. This meant I was His Princess. This meant I was born for royal purpose.


You are His Princess too, you have a royal identity that no title or worldly crown could ever give you or take away. When we accept Our King’s hand in choosing Him in return, our former nature and old ways melt away and transform into an everlasting royal identity that gives us a life with unshakable access to His power and confidence.


You are embarking on a 60 day journey that will give you the power to finally start walking as the Princess you were designed to be. You will:


1. Start to see yourself the way that God sees you,

2. Realize that your past doesn’t define you,

3. Believe you are here on purpose for a great purpose and

4. Build the confidence to bring your royal mission to its’ full completion.


She Reveals. She Radiates. She Reigns. This is your time. Rise Up, Princess.



From one princess to another,





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