The Secret To Make Juicing Really Worth It

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Juicing… is it really worth it?

Mostly everyone has heard of one of the latest trends… drinking fresh pressed, non-pasteurized juices from both fruits and vegetables. There are a HUGE range available and some can even be quite delicious (if you’re able to get past the green colored slush).

I’ll admit that I love getting fresh pressed juices whenever possible! My favorite combinations often use kale, beets, carrots, maybe some cayenne, and some sweet fruit to lighten the flavor. Although it IS true that studies show that your body can more quickly absorb the nutrients from the fruits in vegetables in juice form, it isn’t the best way to lose weight. Nonetheless, if you have a hard time getting fruits and veggies into your diet, than drink up! Just don’t forget the other stuff… food!

Juicing a fruit or vegetable strips it of its fiber. Fiber is building block of the food that keeps your blood sugar from spiking. And what happens when your blood sugar spikes? Your body stores fat! That’s the same thing that happens when we eat desserts with tons of sugar or when consuming white carbs!

If we avoid those, why wouldn’t we avoid high-sugar, low/zero fiber, juices? Additionally, have you ever thought of what all that sugar could do to your teeth?

So why does the scale tell you that juicing does work? Well….think about it. If you drank only water for days straight, you’re eventually going to eliminate all the food inside your body, which makes your measurements and the scale go down.

However, what you don’t know is that your blood sugar is spiking inside. Additionally, you’re probably a very grumpy camper during those juicing days! Carbs are linked to hormones in our brains that are linked to happiness, so without them, we notice!

A better idea would be to combine any fresh pressed juice with anything that has fiber and preferably protein as well. Or, you can have the juices as snacks between meals. If you want to lower you intake for the day for some special event, have at least a handful of almonds with your juice or something else during the day. Just don’t jump on the band wagon and drink only juice without any type of substance for days. Yes the scale will lower, but as soon as you bring real food back into your diet, it will climb back up, right with your body fat percentage from being spiked over the days.

Instead of doing just juice, I highly recommend trying out this recipe for Carrot Cake Juice-ie! It is a mix between a juice and a smoothie, so I call it a “juice-ie.” Plus, it is based off of a favorite fall recipe – carrot cake (which I’m oddly obsessed with, and has nothing to do with the meniscal amount of carrot in the cake! But this recipe has a ton of carrot juice!) This juice-ie combines juice with a whole banana, so you can have the fiber along with the nutrients in the juice.

I’d recommend playing around with adding unflavored protein powder as well, but I have yet to try that myself. This juice is especially good because you get a high dose of beta carotene which is excellent for that glowing skin we want!


  1. This has been so helpful thank you!
    I couldn’t manage to find the carrot cake juice-ie recipe though … it went to a different site?
    I am so excited to try it!!

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