Three Keys To Unlocking Your Purpose

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We were created on purpose, not only for a purpose but for His Purpose.

There are three keys to unlocking and staying in your purpose.

God wants to use the gifts and talents He gave us, but sometimes He wants to use our weaknesses more. The reason is because He likes to be strong where we are weak the Word says His power is made perfect in our weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9.) The first step is recognizing where God is calling you and then saying YES regardless of your comfort level. First we must accept the call, then the equipping from Holy Spirit will come.

If you’re feeling called to something, a stirring within you to do something you’re afraid or feel unequipped to do, take heart. God is the qualifier. About a year ago, I was offered my own TV show on TBN. Not only would I be hosting it, but I’d be securing the guests, producing it, sourcing the stories and writing my own copy. I had never done any of these things before, nor did I have an educational background in it. I was definitely timid to say YES. But I chose to believe that where God guides, He provides. And he more than has. When we do something we are afraid of that God is asking us to do, He always shows up and shows off.

This is a concept that can be hard to struggle with because we naturally want to do things we are good at and gifted in because that makes us comfortable. Saying YES to something we don’t have a skill set in goes against what the world will tell us. Life coaches or motivational books will tell us to combine our gifts and talents with what we have a heart for when deciding our purpose. But life is different in the Kingdom of God and a lot more exciting. When we are available and trust that God will do what we can’t, the possibilities of limitless.

Our ultimate purpose is to love God and love people. Many of us want to do something extravagant and big and there isn’t anything wrong with that. But sometimes, the bigness of our goal or vision can overwhelm us into doing nothing. I know I have definitely been there before. If you are feeling confused or lost as to what your purpose is, you aren’t alone. But to simplify it, our ultimate command is to love God and love people. So start by doing that in small, big, daily ways and watch how God will lead and unfold things. God can’t drive a parked car, so get moving in loving Him and others as a first step. He will take what you sow and give you a multiple fold return and you never know where it will lead.

The third key to unlocking and staying in your purpose is to never give up. It says in the Word that we need faith and endurance to achieve the prize to which we are called in Christ. (1 Corinthians 9:24).

I was so lucky because Christine Caine was speaking at church on Sunday about endurance and it is something I needed to hear. To be honest, my motivation, focus and passion had been fizzling out because I wasn’t see movement on a lot of the work that I’d put in. It made me ask questions like, “Am I in the right position? Am I hearing God right? Has He really called me to this? Did I do something wrong to make me fall out of favor?” It is when we are feeling this way that we need to dig our heels in, grit our teeth and keep going.

The most common trait among successful people is that they didn’t give up. It isn’t their natural abilities, intelligence or charisma, it is the fact that they kept going because the hardships we face along the way to our destiny are enough to make us quit and tear us down. It is those with endurance and grit who continue running the race and get to the prize.  Christine said that when people ask her what her secrets to success are, she replies: “Well I haven’t died and I have stopped…it’s not that deep.” That was a profound statement for me to hear at just that moment. I have many things in the cooker, so to speak right now but it feels like I’m moving through molasses.

Sometimes I lose vision and don’t know how to move forward when dynamics change or there are lots of decisions to make. It’s totally fine to give ourselves grace when we’re working through that and to take a breather. But it’s not fine to quit.

Endurance means to “stay under” something, not to run from something. Christine reminds us to know the difference between inconvenience and persecution. Just because something is taking a while, doesn’t mean we need to quit.

God cares much more about our process and how we handle it than we does about us getting to the actual goal. His goal isn’t to get us to our goal as fast and smoothly as He can. His goal is to transform us into the image of Christ along the way. That is the ultimate goal. So don’t compromise your holiness, your integrity, your thought life, the way you treat people or the words you speak along the way because it matters. 

If you want to see your destiny come to pass, say YES to the call, love God and love people and never give up.



  1. So so good! I am also a fan of Christine Caine, I love how God will lead us to the things we need to hear and see to keep us on the fact that He has a plan. Trust in Faith.

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