Three Phases to Falling in Love with You

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I started the #30DaysSelfLove movement by a sheer fluke… I came across ‘The Rice Experiment’ by Dr. Emoto while I was floating around on Facebook. This is the original video

Dr. Emoto took three cups of rice and said, “Thank you” to the first, “You’re an idiot” to the second, and nothing to the third. After one month, the rice that he had said “Thank you” to was thriving and released a pleasant odor. The cup of rice that he had said “You’re an idiot” to had started to rot. Finally, the third cup that received no statement had turned black. This really got me thinking about the importance of our actions and how we treat others. I reposted ‘The Rice Experiment’ and after getting some response from it, I decided to take the challenge myself…but with quinoa (I know, how very LA of me).

Immediately, I saw results and it hit me: “I should try this concept with myself.” Every day for 30 days I said “I love you” to myself. I recorded my whole journey; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I was raw, vulnerable, and completely honest with myself.

Day 1
The first day, this practice felt very foreign to me. I was very emotional and even felt a little ashamed. I questioned myself, ‘How stupid must I be if I cannot even say I love you to myself?’ In that moment, I knew I needed to make a change… not only how I saw myself but also how I treated myself. I realized that if I spoke to others the way I spoke to myself I would have no friends!

Everyday, I would start with a simple “I love you” statement. Then, I would add an affirmation, such as, “You are worth it.” While recording myself I would talk about things coming up in my life, as well as any emotions I felt were stopping me from truly loving and accepting myself. All of the sudden, I realized I needed to focus on the deep-rooted issues I was facing. I had created excuses for why I was holding myself back. I had created the self-beliefs that I was not worthy of a great career or a loving relationship. As soon as I began talking about my issues and saying “I love you” to myself every aspect of my life began to change; my work life, my love life, and my friendships! I was healing and finally could see the beauty and love I had within me. I started to realize that everything we show on the outside is a reflection of what we are feeling. If you can truly love and accept yourself, you will then be able to love and accept others.

After going through this experience, I knew that I had to share my story; even if I was beyond scared to share my scars and wounds with the world. By showing my own vulnerability, I believe I was able to encourage other people to open up as well. That is exactly what happened… others started to take on this journey and it became known as The 30 Days Self Love Challenge (AKA #30daysselflove). I never thought this would become as big as it has but I am so glad it did. People are changing their lives, healing their wounds, loving more… and the best part is that this is self-therapy. People are learning to love themselves again and take full responsibility for everything in their lives.

Loving Community
There are two particular people that have really impacted me; Kyla and Tim. Kyla started the challenge very shy, insecure, and depressed. She hated her work life and the direction her romantic relationships were turning. Through this challenge, she has become confident while standing up for herself and healing childhood issues. Kyla, now taking on her third challenge of the #30DaysSelfLove, is just glowing. You can see all of her beauty and how she shines in her own light.

When Tim began the challenge, he was lacking self-confidence and struggling in his career. He even recorded his first two videos in the dark because he could barely look at himself. Throughout the challenge his book sales doubled, he gained back his confidence, and began to accept himself.

It is pretty amazing the changes that can happen by simply saying “I love you” to yourself. This challenge has created a community of people offerring support and encouragement via social media. We are on all platforms including facebook, twitter, and instagram.

To be continued
This whole experience is an awakening of LOVE and realizing that we are all just full of LOVE. My life has forever been changed and I continue to practice this daily. Just remember, you, as much as anyone else, deserve your own love and affection. It all starts from within.

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