Three Signs You Might Be Addicted to Social Media

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Three Signs You Are Addicted to Social Media

If you’re like me, you check all forms of social media first thing in the morning.  I’ve gotten sidetracked “stalking” my best friends’ engagement and wedding albums… And I do like to keep tabs on what’s going on with all my friends from LA, to Dallas, to NYC. I also know which pictures will probably get the most “likes” before I post them.

But does that make me addicted to social media?

According to National Institutes of Health, Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is a real thing. It causes “neurological complications, psychological disturbances, and social problems” for people who suffer from it.
It’s not necessarily about the amount of time you spend scrolling through pictures.

Internet addiction focuses on your relationship with the online world: a craving or increasing need to engage, or a bad feeling when you don’t get enough of it.

Here are three signs you might be addicted to social media:
1. You feel the need to check social media throughout the day. For instance, you think about social media while you’re working or spending time with friends.
2. Your anxiety level increases the longer you’ve been away from your “newsfeed.” (A good test: you catch yourself letting out a sigh of relief after you’ve checked your profile)
3. Your self-confidence fluctuates based on likes, comments, retweets, etc.


We all love to share special moments of our lives. And we have a unique opportunity to encourage each other on social media. An inspiring post, “like,” or kind comment can edify friends in a personal and healthy way. But if you feel like your internet use might be out of control – or drastically overshadowing your face-to-face time in your relationships – consider scaling back on your social media use.

Research shows internet addiction frequently coexists with anxiety or depression, so it could be a sign of a greater issue.

My challenge for all of us on social media is to remember why you’re there. If you’re online, take a minute to build a sister up. Encourage women who inspire you. Share something that matters. Also, take time to unplug each day. Walk with a friend and leave your phone at home. Turn your alerts off and have real quiet time with the Lord. Stepping away from the barrage of updates can help balance a healthy relationship with social media.


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