Ten Ways You Can Enjoy Valentine’s Day Single

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Are you going into Valentine’s Day single? If so, you may have mixed feelings about it. I completely understand. Social media definitely doesn’t make spending the day alone, without a date or special plans easier. But you don’t have to spend it with Bitterness and Depressedy at your pity party. The way in which we can enjoy life or not comes down to two things: perspective and decision. It is all about what you decide to see. You have all day to get your mindset right, clear and empowered before Valentine’s Day, so let’s get to it.


Ten Ways You Can Enjoy Valentine’s Day Single:

Valentines Day is not a mean reminder of your relationship status. We can be doing so well, completely content in ourselves and season of life. Marketing, advertising, red and pink candies, flower, balloon and chocolate displays has a way of slowly creeping into our psyche’s and suddenly making us feel insufficient and alone. Make a decision to be thankful for a day that celebrates love because love and marriage is dying all around us.

Choose to be a champion for couples and relationships to honor each other. Love and marriage needs support and advocates. When you are in a happy relationship, you may want to post sappy photos or statuses. Don’t be one of the haters on love, be one of the cheerleaders. Bitterness is a repellant and will keep you single longer than it will attract love.

See Valentine’s Day sentiments as a joyful glimpse into your future. When you truly believe God has His best for you, it’s exciting to think of the ways you and the man He has planned for you will celebrate.

Someone else’s celebration isn’t a prompting for your pouting. Set aside this day to celebrate what God is doing in your life, the relationships you value and your romance with Jesus. If you don’t have a romance with Jesus, maybe now is a good time to start. Write a letter to Him about what He means to you and how He has changed your life. For love letters from Him, check out the His Princess Devotional: Love Letters From Your King. 

Be happy you aren’t spending your time, heart, energy, preparation making a memory with the wrong guy. Be thankful the Lord is sheltering you from creating unnecessary bonds with someone who isn’t your husband.

Think not of what someone else could do for you, but what you could do for someone else. There are plenty of people who are alone and forgotten spending Valentine’s Day single. Who do you know who has lost a spouse, who’s spouse is overseas or has gone through a recent breakup? Instead of being a victim on Valentine’s, be someone’s victor.

Make plans with people you enjoy being around. If they happen to all be in relationships, then use the day/evening to make a date with yourself and I’m not kidding. Love on yourself the same way you would want your future partner to. I do this even now on my birthdays. I love waking up to balloons and flowers, so I make sure they are in my room where I can see them the night before. We can’t just wait around hoping someone is going to magically make our day special and then get disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Sometimes, we have to create special moments for ourselves. What is something that makes you feel warm and thought about? Do that for yourself. If you don’t love you well while you’re single, you can’t expect to attract someone who will.

Guard your heart and mind by staying off social media and your exes accounts. As much as we’d like to think we are resistant to the negative thoughts and feelings scrolling can lead to, we often aren’t. Don’t let yourself go down that rabbit trail.

I always find that shopping for something new that makes me feel pretty lifts my spirits. Shop for something that makes you feel feminine and lovely and take yourself on a date or meet a friend for coffee, a stroll in the park, mani/pedis.

Be the woman for your little girl self you wish you’d had. That means taking care of your little girl heart. What made her laugh, come alive and feel free? For me, it was twirling in a flowy skirt. So, I got a pretty dress, had a day date with my friend Alyssa and twirled. What is it for you?

There are so many people to love on and bless, including yourself. Be the girl who enjoys her Valentine’s Day single.

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