What Dancing With A Stranger Taught Me

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I felt tired that night. Tired, but excited for what was to come. You see, I love to dance, and I travelled 30 miles all the way to a little country line-dancing joint just to feel the music and the dance floor, and to get some much-needed boot stomping out of my system.

I was expecting just to do some line dancing with my girlfriends that evening, but when the first slow song came on, an older, bearded man came up to me and asked if he “could have this dance.” I stammered something out about not really knowing how to two-step and being a terrible follower and honestly did not really want to go out there and make a fool out of myself with all the other couples who looked like they could win “Dancing with the Stars,” but when he gently put out his hand and said, “I’ll teach you,” I felt it would have been rude to refuse.

He led me onto the dance floor, put one hand on my shoulder and placed my hand lightly in his leathery, worn palm, and suddenly I was dancing. Not just doing the steps and clumsily following along, but truly dancing. He led me around the floor with ease, and every time I would look down at my feet, He would say, “Look at me,” and somehow my feet would know what to do as I looked up and he gently guided me. As I got more and more comfortable, he would throw in turns and quicker steps and soon he was twirling me over and over again in circles. I felt like a little girl with my dress flying as I spun with uncontainable laughter bubbling up from inside.

He was a perfect gentleman. He didn’t try to steal the spotlight or bring attention to himself, but humbly led me. I felt safe and secure, no matter where the steps led, because I knew if I were to fumble or fall, he would catch me. As we danced song after song, I don’t know if I have ever felt as beautiful or treasured or graceful as I did that night.

I left later that evening and I never saw that man again, and probably never will, but God used him to be a demonstration of His beautiful love for me. You see, God pursues each one of us to dance, and it is our choice whether we accept the invitation or not. If we decide to follow Him onto the dance floor, it can be frightening and even intimidating at first, but as we look up into His eyes and lean into His strong arms, He leads us perfectly.

We don’t have to worry about how we look or what step to take next, but as we follow the rhythms of His grace, we can confidently trust that He will gracefully lead us through every move. He is completely trustworthy. He will never let us fall, and as He twirls and spins and dips us, there is a freedom, joy and effortlessness that is a result of knowing we are safe, and treasured and adored by the King of Kings.

The question He wants to ask all of us is, “Will you have this dance?” If you say yes and follow Him, I can guarantee you will experience life and fullness of joy like you have never known. Quoting the lyrics of famous country artist, LeAnn Womack: “I hope you dance.”


  1. Story of my life! Thank you so much for this uplifting message. Each time I check this website for inspirational articles, He provides the answer in the smallest, most hidden & beautiful ways. God certainly works in mysterious ways.

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