“Will You Be Mine?” Love, God

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Dear beautiful princess,

Happy Valentines Day. Today is a special day for us. We get to celebrate our love.You have no idea how much you capture my heart. I am enthralled by your beauty. My sweetheart, you are altogether lovely, there is no flaw in you. You are incredibly stunning. It breaks my heart to see how hard you are on yourself. You look in the mirror and can’t see the beauty I have created in you. If you could only see the masterpiece I have created, you would never say a negative thing about yourself again.

You will never discover the fullness of your beauty until you see yourself the way I see you- a beautiful queen with something exceptionally special to offer.You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You were not a mistake. I carefully thought out every detail of you before you were placed into existence. I put you on this earth for a purpose. A purpose unique to the gifts and talents I placed in you. There is no one on earth like you. You are special. I think about you more than there are grains of sand. For the record, that is a lot of thoughts about you. More than you can even comprehend.

Valentines Day is a hard day for you. Everyone else seems to have a valentine but you. You expected things to be different at this point in your life. So many of your friends are married or maybe even have children. Don’t you worry child of mine. I have a purpose in all this. I know that it’s hard but if you could see the bigger picture, you would know that I am working things right now. I hear your prayers for your husband. I see the tears you cry. I know the disappointment you feel when you meet someone new and then things don’t work out. Trust me.

I wish you knew the sadness in my heart as I watch you let men into your life that don’t deserve you. You compromise on the things you know I would want for you because you don’t fully trust that I created a man just for you. And you doubt your own worth. You are worth more than even the finest of jewels. Beautiful daughter of mine, don’t settle for cheap intimacy. I have a godly husband chosen for you, prepare yourself right now to be the godly woman he is praying for even at this very moment. I have made everything beautiful in it’s time. I have a time for everything and my timing is perfect. Put all your hope in me. Hope in me will not lead to disappointment. I have such a rich and full life for you ahead. Let me lead you. I promise that if you surrender to my will in your life, you will end up with exceedingly abundantly more than even you could have dreamed.

Lastly, and most importantly, I am in love with the most screwed up version of you. You don’t have to get your act together. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else than exactly who I created you to be. I know you, faults and all, and I love everything about you. I love you so much that I let my own son’s beating heart stop so I could be the one for whom your heart beats. I love you with an everlasting love. . I have always loved you and always will. You have absolutely stolen my heart.

You have a safe place in me. Nothing you could ever do could separate you from my love. Close your eyes. Imagine a field of flowers.You can pick as many flowers as you want because I made them all for you. Learn to let me romance you. I am always with you and constantly pursuing your heart. Ask me today, “God, how are you romancing me today?” I will open your heart to possibilities you would not have imagined. I am the only one who can give romance continually. In fact, I never stop. You just need to become more aware. The clouds and wildflowers and birds and all of the earth around you were made for you to enjoy. Stop and smell the flowers. Enjoy a beautiful sunset. I painted that sky just for you. It’s for you, darling. I hope you feel more loved today than you ever have in your life.

Today, as you think about love, remember how much I love you, that I have given you the greatest act of love ever known to man in sending my Son to die for you so that you can experience eternal life. That is real love. My affections for you are so deep. I love you so much and the greatest pleasure for me is to be loved by the one I love. Daughter, you have a valentine. Will you be mine?


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  1. So powerful, hope all God’s daughters read – to know and understand their true worth to Yeshua and the real men who respect you as the daughter of the living God

  2. Omg reading this actually brought tears and I don’t cry easily. So beautiful. I am stunned by this!

  3. Today I really needed this. It’s not Valentine’s day, but this is for me today. So so true God is my greatest love nobody compares….

  4. So grateful for this. So touched that He loves the screwed version of me…

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