Words For Your Partner To Speak During Labor

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I’m only a few days or weeks away from my baby girl’s arrival. As I prepare for the day of labor and childbirth, I know it is crucial for me to focus preparing my mind. In 2009, in the days leading up to the night I’d compete at Miss USA, I focused on mental management more than anything else. Our mind and our words are extremely powerful. The moment we start worrying about factors we can’t control, we lose.

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I attribute 90% of my win at Miss USA to mindset. I figured, if I prepared mentally for that big night, full of unpredictable factors, I needed to give childbirth the same kind of attention. I created a Bible verse and visualization battle plan for myself, which I shared last week.

This week, I realized that my hubby, Kris and any family members who are there during labor needed to be on the same page with me so they could effectively minister to me. The last thing I want is to be thrown off by a well-meaning comment.

I created a list of phrases or words Kris could refer to that will help me. Before I did this, I got with God in some meditative prayer time and asked Him a few questions:

  1. What word do you have for my birth?
  2. Where will you, Jesus, Holy Spirit be during birth?
  3. What will my birth look like?
  4. What can I believe for?
  5. What scripture do you have for me?

He showed me images and visions and gave me a Bible verse. Now, when I go to pray and visualize birth, I go back to that place and meditate on what He has shown me. So the affirmation list I made for Kris is based on what God has already shown and told me.

Here is my list. You are welcome to use it, tailor it or model it for your childbirth too.

Words for Kris to Speak During Labor

You are co-laboring with God. We are in this together.

Breathe in Holy Spirit, Exhale into Jesus arms.

You are safe in the shadow of His wings.

God’s wings are billowing over you.

Angels and Holy Spirit are gently escorting baby out.

Jesus is holding your hand and His power is pumping through your body.

Lean back into God’s arms.

Be weak so He can be powerful through you.

Holy Spirit is gently and supernaturally opening your cervix.

Every contraction is opening you up.

God created your body perfectly to birth new life.

Surrender to God’s magical plan over our princess’s arrival.

All of Heaven is celebrating over our daughter right now.

All of Heaven is backing you and cheering you on.

You are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly realms.

God’s left hand is leading her out and His right hand is laying hold of you.

He lets you rest in green meadows; He leads you beside peaceful streams.

God is able, through his mighty power at work within you, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

You are more than a conqueror and God has already won this battle.

God’s presence is among us.

Don’t worry about anything. Pray about everything. Tell Him what you need and thank Him for what He has done. Then His peace will overwhelm you.

My list is based on my personal time with God and what He has told me to believe for. I encourage you to create your list based on what God specifically tells you He has for your childbirth.

While our partners and family members are wonderful on their own, communicating exactly what we need helps them help us have the most beautiful experience. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you need. You are in this together!

Happy birth planning! Below are a few maternity photos taken by my favorite photog Leah Gunn of GunnPoint Photography.


  1. Kristen, you really are an example and a great model to me. Your exemplary life and fellowship with God, I admire. I celebrate you ma’am. More Grace to be who you are called to be all round and for Aurora may her light keep shining bright

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